Dealing with pressure

Dealing with Pressure

by Feranmi Muraina @prodigy

Have you ever felt like just leaving everything behind and having not a care in the world, or you just put your music volume on highest, jam up your earphones and flee from the crossfire in that place you call home, well, welcome to my world where am constantly pestered by this entity known as pressure.

From parents who think cos they pay a lot of money to take care of you, your opinions are unwarranted and the only thing you should be thinking of is how to make their workload easier…..and then even when u try your best to please them, all u get is criticism for a botched work and ignorance of a job well done.

From  school where your lecturers make your life a living hell all because they had a hard time during their years and therefore it is a very grave sin for yours to be any easier and that’s why they smother yo u with notes ,handouts, assignments, deadlines quizzes, tests etc.

From the workplace who made Monday your worst enemy cos Mondays mean going back to that workplace where u hate it but you gotta get paid, sucking up to shiny assed bosses who don’t even got what u got, but just because of connections are where they are.

All this have been foremost in my and how to overcome them when sometimes last month while playing a soccer game (Pes 10…..i no like pes13 joor) and after I scored a goal with Cristiano Ronaldo (who’s obviously better than Lionel Messi ) that the electronic commentators gave me my answer, they said “that was a wonderful goal, he controlled the ball perfectly well even under the pressure from the defense and kept his eyes on goal and it paid off in the end, fantastic effort from Cristiano Ronaldo and now Madrid is in the driving seat”.

Ignoring the second part (which obviously shows am winning) and taking a look at the preceding part, it is clear that

He was under pressure: Now let us liken this pressure from the defense to our everyday life pressures, and the pesky little defenders to the perpetrators of this ignoble weight on our lives, they will always be there but it is us who decides how deal with them.

He controlled the ball : which is the same as keeping our cool and not letting these pressures get to us.

He kept his eye on goal :simple, you must have a goal and you must keep it in focus.

He scored (like he always does) : and then we’ll triumph.

His team is ahead in the game: your success will definitely decrease your pressures just as surely as Ronaldo’s teammates and fans won’t pressurize him after that wonderful goal.
So in summary, keep your cool and keep your eyes on the goal……and let’s see if you won’t be better for it…………….

Written by prodigy ( @prodigy001)


Great piece peeps… It was written  by prolific writer  prodigy.

Though, his opinion on lionel messi stands to be challenged 🙂

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