Letter to my unborn child – A rendition by Kolade Pelumi



Written by Kolade Oluwapelumi  

(male version)

Hey dude, (it kind of sounds weird saying ‘son’ at my age and stage…..) I did not really want to write this letter so I don’t jinx everything I have planned for you. Anyways, I decided to do it just for fun. Just so you know, I plan on being the coolest dad ever. Also, you would have one of the coolest mums on the planet. Your grandparents are the best. You would surely meet them by God’s grace.

Back to your mum (my wife ).She would be the prettiest person man ever laid eyes upon(trust me on that one) though I probably have not met her yet, (or I might have) whichever way, I am pretty sure about her beauty . So that obviously means you would be one of the finest children ever to be born.

We would do the coolest things like playing games together till late into the night. You would learn the guitar from me,( girls really dig we guitarists you know!)…. so it would be an added advantage apart from your beauty ( yes, a boy can be referred to as being beautiful). Even if I am not catching on my chords fast, by the time you arrive I should be a pro.

You would love the lord your God, even though having a close relationship with God is up to you, I will play my role as a father and put you on the right path. Enough said already, I have millions of plans for you, very exciting ones. We would wait until you arrive. Please note, I would not have any traits of rebellion in you. So you would have to be a good boy.

Ps: I really hope you come as a boy and have a little sister. If you come as a girl first,well……. I will write your letter next (just in case).

Your loving father!


Yeah you!….. I really wanted a boy as a first child and I will sing that to you all your life. I  am kidding of course. I would love you silly. You would definitely be pretty, almost to a fault. Obviously, it is simply” genetical” (You should see your mum!) The usual rules apply. No dating till you are 15 (25 actually, if I had my way lol). I would get fearsome dogs, about 10 to place a check on those boys your beauty will unavoidably attract. (Just joking with the 10 dogs….. but there would definitely be dogs).  I have billions of plans for you as well. I guess we would wait for time to run it’s course.

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One thought on “Letter to my unborn child – A rendition by Kolade Pelumi

  1. Came here via instagram. Such optimism sha: beautiful wife, cool parenting, setting him on the path of the Lord.
    That’s how man will be busy proposing, and God (or maybe it’s the devil) will be somewhere disposing. 😀

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