Reflections…. a poem by Kolade Pelumi

I was just thinking, in a rather melancholic mood. Reflecting on the recent killings and war that surrounds us.
I decided to pour my heart out on paper, I let my art take control of my heart. I tittled my poem reflections


 My heart is heavy laden
The thoughts of soldiers fallen
My tears, streaming freely
Down a channel of pitiful weary

How i wish we all knew
To end this senseless feud
Now, on the bare floor they lay
Patiently waiting to decay

What have we to gain
After the deaths of our brothers
All that is left is pain
And the wailing of mothers!

 by kolade oluwapelumi (dricks009)

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I did not write this poem for your enjoyment, neither did I write it for your satisfaction, I wrote it for your reflections.

let us reflect on the fact that we are all living in a restricted frame of time, the people around us are our neighbors during our life time. we should strive to make the world an enjoyable place for one another. there is no sense in Hostility. Should everyone regret the fact that you came in their life time?

let us reflect deeply, let’s live meaningful lives. you only live once (YOLO)!!!!!!!!!

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