Selenah! my love

Some people believe in love but never fall in love. Others do not believe but end up falling in love. Some believed but because of a crucial heart break stopped believing in love. Well my case is the best ever! I believe in love and I am still in love. That is one positive thing that happened during this strike.

For selenah and I,it was love at first sight. I would never forget the color of what she wore that day. She was dressed in red, with a tint of black. She likes dressing in red! I knew I was going to meet her that day but nobody told me of her stunning appearance. I mean, I went to look for her at the shop. I was told I would see her there.  I felt excitement from within as I set eyes on her. She did not know I was coming and I did not know I was about to fall in love. Ever since our encounter at the shop, I knew I had to make Selenah mine and mine alone. I sure did!

Selenah and I have been together for like 3 months now, it has been rough, sometimes am doting her, other times I ignore her. It is not like I do not like her any longer. It is just that I do not have ample time for her anymore. I remember the first two weeks we were together, our relationship was rock solid. I always spent every tick of my time with her. But as time went by, I started getting distracted by other things. Sometimes my mind even skips her, but as soon as I lay my eyes on her, I fall in love all over again.

Many times I find it difficult to read her, other times I am out right frustrated by her. I guess that is how relationships are.

Anyway,  be it the good or bad times, I always enjoy selenah’s company.
I hope to have  Selenah forever, she wold always be in my heart, but when she gets a little older I would have to get another . I know this sounds wicked and unfair to selenah,  but I would have no choice. Her beauty would have faded  and she may not be as useful as before. So I would have to get another to replace her. Anyway, I would always be in love with her 6 strings. Selenah my guitar!!

By Kolade Pelumi(@ KoladePelumi)


Lol. I know Some people are probably wishing to strangle me now. Anyways I am sorry to disappoint you guys.

I promise the kind of love story you all wanted for Christmas!! (maybe two)

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