Stellar youth – maiden edition

STELLAR YOUTH (maiden edition)

Hello peepz,

Welcome to the maiden edition of stellar youth. I present to you a vision driven young man with a ground-breaking idea. He came up with this idea in his quest to deliver to his society something different. He explained that there was no major pressure or need that gave birth to his idea. It was just a burning  zeal to bring out something unique, something different, something needed. I dare say that his splendid idea is not only unique, but very useful. After the idea was conceived, he assembled a remarkable team  of excellent guys to help him achieve his goal.  I know we are all anxious to hear about his amazing idea, but let us get to know him first.
Name: Ayo-Oluwa  alfonso (@ayoalfonso)
Occupation: student (FUTA) studying project management.
Philosophy about life: be detailed
Role model(s) : Gary Vaynerchuk(@garyvee)

                                       The Idea

 Originally, his basic idea  was a location based photo sharing site that had its uniqueness in its vibrant user and community engagement. Soon, he realized that it was a good idea, but it was not what people needed. There are so many photo sharing sites like instagram, picmix etc.Then, came his “eureka” moment. LOCAL COMMERCE AND TRADE. Geoshoppr was born. Everybody, buys something all the time. It is also an evident fact that everyone would like to buy the most quality substances  for the cheapest prices possible. Ayo and the team are going to capitalize on this simple concept. They introduced to us Geoshoppr.

How would you love to get reliable information on the cheapest goods and discounts offered by local stores and malls right on your phone. For example , you want to get a tin of milk from store A or store B. what you may not know is that though shop B is a little farther away from your location than A, but they give a free tin of milk for every one bought. Geoshoppr  will be able to provide such information. You would be provided with information on where to get the best deals and coupons from your very own local stores. Such information will be available on the geoshoppr app( Coming soon an java and android). Tell me who would not like information on freebies and discount prices in shopping stores such as shoprite, foodco etc. Brilliant isn’t it?
To get started on enjoying this innovative service, go to WWW.GEOSHOPPR.COM and register for your private account.


Apart from the convenience that the application would offer, there is a whole lot of other fun stuff you get to receive. After registration, when you get to your personal page, you get to see your progress and how much coupons you have used, also how many more you need to use for a GIFT item, or a MOVIE ticket or attractive MEALS at geoshoppr restaurant partners.
I was surprised at how much work they are doing and would have to do and I knew it will be a little capital intensive. so  I had to ask….. how do you arrive at funds? To my surprise he explained
“well we are employing the lean start-up strategy which is to use all the little resources available to grow our user base until we are ready to take in our seed fund of over $20,000-$50,000 from an individual investor probably next year.
He explained further that they will use the funding when ready to cover other states. So whereever you are in Nigeria. Geoshoppr aims to make shopping easier and cheaper.


A group of young, energetic youths striving to make their world a better place. I hope to get exclusives from them soon.

We all should also strive to start something up today. let us add value to our respective societies. Instead of laying around the house and probably blaming the ongoing strike action for your joblessness, try to get busy. Many great business men started up like this and today, they are better off for it.


Watch out for more segments of #stellaryouth. If you are a youth with a brilliant idea, passionate about your music,dance, modeling, art,writing etc. I would like to bring you on here. Contact me on twitter @koladePelumi or this site @vexschewold or mail The world is waiting for you.

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