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Back when I was in Secondary  school  I used to pride myself in being a young witty scientist. I would try to propound theories, solve mysteries and the likes. There was a time this became an obsession. Sadly, many of the theories I thought I had conceived, I later found out had been published by one scientist or astrologer. One of my best “theories” was what I called “theory of repeated actions”.

I was sitting down in the classroom that day and I decided that the way we think, act must be based on actions we were forced to repeat so many times.(my explanation goes on and on…….) quite unfortunately my hopes of having a theory “published” in my name was dashed away when I stumbled on a very similar theory propounded earlier by a scientist. Though I was happy I thought about it also, I also felt an equal amount of grief.

So that takes me to our topic “Know your temperament”. Have you also ever wondered  why we feel what we feel, or think in a particular way, or even act like we act? Well the answers to our riddle can be seen in people’s temperaments(behavior).  The four human temperaments are sanguine (pleasure-seeking and sociable), choleric (ambitious and leader-like), melancholic (analytical and thoughtful), and phlegmatic (relaxed and quiet).

Though modern science does not agree with the principles of the four human temperaments as evidence has not been seen to accept it hook ,line and sinker. Different philosophers and analysts from time in memorial have always categorized human behavior into this four groups. Sometimes, they come in different names, but it is still the same  basic idea.
Humans in general do not fit completetely into one temperament, we usually combine different attributes from the temperaments. However one is usually dominant and is taken as a person’s temperament.

Knowing your dominant temperament can help in so many ways. From understanding why you act and behave in a particular way to cashing in on the advantages and “talents” embedded in your own dominant temperament. For example cholerics make good leaders, sanguines are good talkers etc. you would learn the short-comings of your temperament and in essence how to deal with them.

If you want to know which temperament category you fall into, tune in next week. We would be taking the choleric temperament first.

By KoladePelumi @koladepelumi and yinka (@yinka_sleek)
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