A fighting Chance (by Dele Fatoki)

A Fighting chance (by Dele Fatoki)

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Knock knock “it’s Charles”. That was the sound that woke me up on a Saturday morning, the Saturday I decided to be lazy and do nothing as it was less than a week that I fully resumed into a new academic year. I had been busy throughout the week and as such I decided to help myself with a long sleep and unproductivity that day and the cold weather was perfect for the plan.

“I am coming” was my reply in a weak tone so as not to chase the sleep I long waited for away. I stood up powerlessly from the bed and walked towards the door in slow motion.
“Open the door or what are you doing inside” Charles  said in his usual playful tone as he hit my door continuously as to remind me that I was beginning to take much time for me to open the door. It didn’t change my movement.

“Good morning” I said as I opened the door half way and rested my whole body weight on it. “Good morning, please I  need your cloth peg” Charles said in his natural funny voice. Charles  is like my school brother along sides his roommate ‘spartan’ and is also one of the most lively persons in the hostel, known for his mysterious ‘whinnings’ and all of a sudden quietness. He was topless and wearing a Chelsea short Knicker. The excess sweat on him not only made his burnt complexion glaring but also made it obvious that he just spent hours in the bathroom. I got the pegs for him and handed it over. “Thanks.. I will see you later” he said and I nodded in agreement as if opening my mouth would let the sleep out finally. He let out a big grin and started walking towards his room which was just a few metres from mine.

I watched him walk towards his room and observed the unusual calmness of the hostel “well its Saturday everybody has something doing and those that don’t are probably still on their bed” I thought to my self.

Just as I was about to lock my door so I could finish the meeting I had with sleep, I sighted a golden figure coming out of the room exactly opposite mine. Room 81. I watched how the golden complexion lady took a quiet and gentle step out of the room and waited outside as if expecting something to happen before she took the next step. She had a perfect long braid on, that fell down perfectly and rested on her shoulder, but that wasn’t the only perfect thing about her. She wore a blue jeans short, a pink top, and an amazing smile that exposed the cute dimples on her lovely cheeks. On the top of her perfectly modeled ear and cute little nose sat an eye glass. I could only wonder what magical wonders stood behind those glasses as I couldn’t see through them. Magical wonders that would later change my life I thought.  Her lips were red but natural and the way she squeezed them that morning sent chilled electric current  from my brain to my heart and back to my brain. My whole body adjusted to absorb the the excess sun rays her golden color deflected towards me. The short jeans she wore showed off her straight and spotless slim legs. All this amazing features of hers sat well calculated in her perfectly carved and slender structure.

I was aware that there were new occupants of the hostel, but I had never for once imagined that such a pretty young lady would find her way to this part of the world. Even though I hadn’t met her personally she became my new definition of perfection. I stood still like someone on hypnosis staring at God’s masterpiece. She finally decided to make her move, it looked like I spent 30 minutes staring at her but it had only been 3 minutes, enough time for her notice someone was staring but she didn’t even though I was less than 30 feet away. “Why would she notice me” I said to myself, “compared to her kind of of beauty I am invisible” I concluded while I watched her take her usual careful and perfect steps till she left my line of sight. I slammed the door and went back to the bed happily, not just because I had just sighted an Angel or a figure that before then only existed in the mind of people or as cartoon and fairy tale characters, but also because the sleep hadn’t left my body. I was just five minute into the sleep when my phone rang.. Now the sleep vanished completely

Days and weeks passed since I saw ‘My definition of perfection’ but there was not a day I didn’t replay that first scene in my head. I did not replay it because I was jobless or I was crazy in love, the scene was stuck in my head. She is the kind of girl I should fall in love with at first sight, actually I did, but I always reminded myself that she was way out of my league anytime I thought of her. I am the kind of guy that has little or no experience when it comes to wooing a girl as I have never had a girlfriend before or even fallen in love. So anytime I thought of her I had lots of questions to answer myself, questions like ‘why would such a good looking girl want to hang out with me’, ‘ what on earth would I do or say to impress such a girl? As she should have seen a lot of guys and met a lot of people that will have something new or amazing to offer her’, ‘even if a miracle happens and she accepts to go out with me, I would be faced with the challenge of keeping her away from other guys, and as such I have to be better than them!’, if I get too close to her and she decides not to date me I would feel useless and won’t my life be worse than it already is?

 If there is one thing that encouraged my distance from girls, it was cause of the  heart break and rejection. I so much prefer to stay on my own than to be ridiculed by a fellow human being like me just because I find them attractive, shit I am attractive too. But this was an Angel, I was prepared to take the risk if there was any! These  are the thoughts that go through my mind anytime I think of her. “Young man forget about this babe, this is love impossible” was what concluded the thought anytime my head was beginning to feel like an STS (Statistics) exam (exam with no solution).

Getting rid of the scene of ‘Golden Queen’ in my head became visible as it had been long I saw her,I began to wonder if it was just in my imagination that she existed and even if I truly saw her  nothing can happen was what was always coming to my mind. Not too long after I had forgotten about her already, nature decided to ‘Do me strong thing’.

It was one of my fellow hostel mates birthday on this fateful day. The hostel was very much lively and there was electrical shortage that night so it was only normal for me to chill outside. I Was going back to room when I suddenly sighted two familiar beauties walking down the stairs. It was ‘my definition of perfection’ and her mind blowing roommate. My whole system adjusted so as to fit the Situation .  That day, I knew angels do glow in the dark. Even though it was dark I could see the Golden Queen’s perfect figure and features detailed. Not only that the illumination from the Golden Queen made me have a clear view of her roommate even in the dark, she was dark in complexion and of average height. Her body features were wonderfully made and placed in her not too slender shape .

“Guy just compose yourself and walk past them like you didn’t see them” a voice from my head instructed. I agreed to that, but as they walked passed me, I heard myself say ‘Hi’. They both turned back simultaneously as if they operated on the same frequency. Now my sense organs started to work in reverse. My ears told all other sounds to be quiet, my mouth listened to what would come out of hers, my eyes saw her warm yet cold beauty, my nose smelt the beautiful fragrance on her and my skin felt an unusual calmness within her.

“Hi” they both greeted back calmly while The Golden Queen adjusted her eye glasses as if searching for what just greeted her. It was only normal, compared to such beauty I am invincible, I reminded myself. “Are you ladies new occupants of this hostel?” I asked unconsciously. “Yeah” was her roommate’s reply while The Golden Queen nodded in agreement as if she knew I could see her clearly in the dark. “The room at the corner I guess” I asked pretending to be ignorant while pointing towards their room. And I received the same reply. “I am Dele, and you are” I said confidently while putting my hands out for a shake. Now it was clear to me that it wasn’t only my mouth that acted out of the blue but all of my body parts. I was facing her roommate this time so she opened her quiet lips and spoke gently “I am Esther”. I shook her gently and faced the prettiest girl I ever met. She wore that natural smile again, this made me smile too. She shook me and said “I am Daniella”. The sound of her gentle seductive voice put my body system back to its normal tempo.

Suddenly I felt calm. Her touch made my organs function correctly. Now I felt safe. An Angel was not only smiling at me but was also holding my hands, what could go wrong? I stood still with my eyeballs heavy. They were full of tears. I was glad the environment was dark, I would have been embarrassed. My heart was overwhelmed with joy for so many reasons. “maybe I would come to pay you a visit some other time” I concluded and left her hand. “OK” they replied and we parted ways. I went straight to my room jumped on my bed and thought to myself “I finally got to talk to her, Not bad.” I reminisced throughout the night. Even though it is impossible for me to have her, I HAD BEEN GIVEN A FIGHTING CHANCE!!!….

By Dele fatoki


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