Looking for my eve episode 2

Here is episode 1 Looking for my eve episode 1

Seven minutes in heaven.
The  friendship between Bimpe and I blossomed as time went on. We exchanged glances at each other regularly during class, at times during recess, on our way to the playground she would lung for my hand  and hold it for a few seconds – those moments would be engraved  in my heart  forever. Soon we became the subject of class discussion . The daddy and mummy discussions soon started making rounds in the class and it was cool. I mean, the girl of my dreams was being refered to as my wife. 
For every superhero , there usually is a super vilain. For superman it would always be lex luthor, for Batman it is the joker, for  me Akin Williams , it was Okafor Adams. He was the son of a senator or something( I can’t really recall ) and had a lot of money to spend. He was also a jerk, maybe the money got into his head I can’t really say. He also had something for bimpe, which was not surprising.  I actually believed every boy  in the class had something for her, but I was that special one. Adams was also a flirt. I actually did not know the meaning of the word flirt at that time but thinking back now, I  see no other word to best describe him.
There was this time he got bimpe a necklace which was actually nice and quite expensive.  His mum usually went on these shopping sprees abroad and so he probably just asked her to get him the necklace or maybe he stole it from her, we would never know. Bimpe obviously refused this gift since she was not sure of  its origins. Being the right blend of Jerk and flirt that he was he proceeded to giving the gift to Sandra. Remember Bimpe’s best friend who I displaced from her seat, that’s Sandra. The annoying thing was that Sandra actually collected it even after knowing it was offered to Bimpe.
There was recent gist in class. All the fuss was about bobo’s birthday party. Akinbobola Taiwo was one of the boys that tried to fit into Adam’s gang. He preffered we called him bobo though, it probably made him feel like a “happening” bobo. Anyways, his party was happening the coming Saturday and only the cool kids were being invited. I was a cool kid though, but I really was not the party type so naturally I was not supposed to be going to the party. Sadly for me bobo’s mum was in the same choir with my mum and she asked my mum to bring me along and there was no way I was coming out of this.
I did not really like these class parties, definately not because I was some reserved dude or something, but usually these parties were an avenue for show. Everyone came to show off he’s or her finest clothing i. The latest shoes , the finest shirts etc. Many of us would have bragged before hand about the latest trendiest brand of timberland and of course your peers were awaiting to see. The problem I had was that my mum was not really into these designer clothing and apparel. She had a friend who dealt in kids clothing and so everytime I needed new things, her friend’s shop was our one stop. The shop was filled with a lot of what many of us regarded as “church” shoes. Basically “church” shoes were these shoes that were not the regular Nike, Timberland, umbro , kappa and what have we. Many times we did really care about the names of these church shoes. They might be quite expensive but it was the type of shoes our fathers wore to the office and to a large extent were regarded as uncool amidst my mates. Courtesy not my mum’s friend, my wardrobe was filled with loads of these “church” shoes.
So while the entire class chattered away about what they were wearing to the party, I just bothered my head about Bimpe’s new hairdo. She plaited these braids that made her look like the beautiful queen she was indeed. I could get lost just staring at her. I was actually lost, but I was woken by my best friend day who tapped me and joggled me back into reality. He obviously saw what caught my fancy and teased me a little. Dayo and I have been childhood friends and he we just clicked like that,  we did not even have to try. We shared the same intrests, we were about the same level academically and I did not even realise it when I started calling him my best friend
 I knew Bimpe was coming to the party because of course, she was one of the cool kids if not the coolest in class.  The thought of seeing Bimpe  in nice clothes teased me. The only thing that bogged me  was that I knew I would not be able to match up to their standard in terms of my apperance. 
The Saturday came up and I had managed to pull a not so embarrassing look. A wore this nice shirt and jeans my aunt had brought me from the states last christmas. I also wore the best of my “church” shoes and by the time I stepped in front of the mirror I thought to myself ” not so bad”. My mum drove me to the party and by the time I stepped out of the car I changed my thought to ” this is a disaster” everyone looked like a music rock star and I looked like the guy who came to take their pictures. I was tempted to go back home or just stay in a corner and not partake in the party but I drew strength in the teaching from church last sunday. Our Sunday school teacher had taught us that we should never feel inferior to anyone and we were all the same in the eyes of the almighty God. I drew quite a lot of strength from this thought process and I did not allow anyone intimidate me. As I grew older I learnt more about how to boost my self-esteem. There were funny glances at me from  a few people though but I ignored them.
Then the most magical thing happened,  my eyes locked with Bimpe’s and I forgot everything about myself. My worries about my appearance , the hunger I was beginning to feel in my stomach all disappeared.  She looked really beautiful. She wore this blue gown that was glowing and made her cute eyes pop out. She was now wearing her hair down and had this pearly like earrings.  Bimpe was looking like a princess,  my princess. She then walked over to me and once again I felt like sinking into the ground. This feeling had now become common since Bimpe and I got close.  She shook hands with me as she took a seat beside me. I complimented her attire and she complimented mine. Of course I knew she only did that as a result of courtesy because I really did not see anything special in what I wore.
Bimpe’s friends soon called her up to a section of the party and she asked me to follow her there. Adams was there and he giving off his mischievous grin and  I knew no good could come out of that gathering but then, I could not leave I only just got there with Bimpe. They were playing a game called ” seven minutes in heaven”. They would spin a bottle randomly at the girls and then at the boys. The boy and girl who get picked were to go into the closet and share a kiss for seven minutes. This thought terrified me, I mean it went against all my parents had been teaching me. All my Sunday school classes talked about fleeing from situations like this. Imagine my horror when the bottle picked Bimpe and I. I looked at everyone as they were expectant that I lead Bimpe into the bathroom. I did not know when my legs took to action. I ran out of that gathering and I’m glad I did that. Flee from all appearances of evil kept ringing in my head. 
I  was alone for the rest of the party , I actually hid from everyone because word had started going out of what a wimp I was and my coolness rating started to drop, but who needed their coolness rating? Actually it was kind of nice to be regarded as one of the cool kids but what can  I do if they finally decided that I was not cool enough. Moreover I still regarded myself as cool so I did not bother myself about what they thought. I later heard that they took another spin after my James bond escapade and Adams was picked. He led Bimpe into the bathroom and word has it that they even spent more than seven minutes. I felt betrayed. Bimpe probably could not deal with a loss in her coolness rating and she succombed to peer pressure. Anyways, I know I would have loved to share a kiss with Bimpe, maybe much later in life probably as a married couple but definately not in a bathroom under pressure from friends. Bimpe and I did not really click after that incident. 
I picked up my binoculars, the search for my eve continues.  
written by kolade pelumi (@koladepelumi)

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