Why I think you should vote for buhari

DIsclaimer : This is not campaign, simply a Nigerian pouring out his thoughts

Why I think you should vote for buhari.

The Nigerian presidential elections will be holding tommorow  and wether you like it or not , the outcome will affect your life one way or the other. Tomorrow’s  election promises to be the most contested election since we became a federal  republic

We have heard it all haven’t we? The fears of islamisation and the counter arguments, the talks about if buhari really is the answer to Nigeria’s troubles or if it would be a worse regime. etc

I cannot tell you authoritatively that buhari ‘s regime will be better than Jonathan’s but I know we cannot continue with this jonathan  regime.

Be true to yourself , Has Nigeria been a better country  in the last six years?
So  why should you give someone that couldn’t do much in six years another 4 years?

I don’t know if the next 4 years under buhari will be better but I do know that we have to try it because   to a great extent I can tell you the next 4 years under Jonathan   will only be worse.

There is this saying that to get new results we have to try new things. Let’s take away all the tribal and religional sentiments and try something new for the sake of the future of Nigeria.

We owe it to Nigeria to stand for change!

Vote buhari, vote change , we need new results! Let’s try something new!


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