INDOMIE AND EGG(S) Short story by Kolade pelumi


The chronicle of a missing Tablet

You must be wondering what Indomie and egg(s) has to do with a missing Tablet. Well hang on and Let the story unravel herself.

8am. I woke up late again. I have been struggling to get my body to cooperate with me after I became my own boss. You see, I’m on industrial training and I’m supposed to have a company supervisor attached to me from the company I work with. But my Supervisor had to go and work in another state so that leaves me to supervise myself. So far, I was not doing a good job.

As I dragged myself out of bed, I recalled I was watching the flash Yesternight. I had gotten to the point where Barry Allen was able to speed back in time for a day. It was getting really interesting before I decided that I needed my sleep. I hurriedly switched on the television and got comfortable on the bed already contemplating skipping work for the day.

At around 10am, the innate supervisor in me kicked in and decided that I was being a terrible student. I tried to convince myself that it was only repetitive work that was going on at the site but the supervisor won the argument and I arose to get ready for work. I put off the television at around the time the secret Identity of 

Dr Wells was about to be revealed. I had built up suspense for myself and I looked forward to coming back home to continue the series.
In quick style, I was ready for work. Thankfully, I had already Ironed my clothes and did not need to waste further time in firstly selecting my clothes and then trying to decide which of them to Iron. I was off to work. I had not had breakfast and was feeling a little hungry. I had no idea what I wanted to eat.

As I alighted from the Keke Napep at the junction closest to my work place. I met an acquaintance who was a Young Napep Driver and had recently introduced me to a recording studio in town. I told him I wanted to hear his latest single and he narrated his ordeal of how his phone was stolen just yesterday. He lamented he had lost his songs, pictures etc. I felt his pain and imagined what he must be going through. Little did I know that fortune was about to play a trick on me too.

Thankfully, when I got to work, a new friend I had recently made handed me a sumptuous package of Meat pie. I shared it with another friend and I was good to go. I was right .It was repetitive work going on at site but my latent supervisor was glad I made it. I ran a few errands for some engineers and took lots of pictures with my tablet. I had just reached the 2000th picture mark and I was feeling good. My 16gb memory card was definitely a good investment. All my Industrial Training pictures, My newly composed draft songs, good music, instrumentals, Poems, graphic designs were sealed up nicely on my memory card.

I tarried along with a few friends as the sun was about setting. It seemed like 5pm to me but when I checked the time it was 6pm. I knew it was the case of longer days and shorter nights as we were taught in secondary school geography. I also knew it would be around 7pm before I got home as the journey was usually about an hour. I wondered if the sun would still be out at that time.

I made my way to the bus stop with a friend and started my 3 way stop trip to the house. At this time, hunger was already killing me as it was only that meat pie I had taken for a meal and I was looking forward to buying a nice plate of Indomie from the girls at the roadside on my way home. At the second stop, I saw a beautiful sunset and brought out my tablet from my bag to take the picture of the beautiful scenery. I made a mental note to later edit the picture nicely and upload it to my Instagram page.

I also took a picture with the phone I had recently gotten to supply my tablet with internet. Feeling good about myself and feeling extremely hungry and my mind fantasizing of devouring my hot indomie and unraveling the secret identity of Dr wells on the flash. I soon got to my bustop. I alighted, and set out to meet the girls by the road side. I only met one of them and She asked me what I wanted and I asked her to prepare one indomie. With one egg? Heck no, let me give myself a treat, two eggs! I hurried off to buy myself juice for the night and  bread for the next morning.

I hurried back to the roadside and concentrated on my Indomie. I dropped my bag and my tablet by the seat and stood up to make sure they did not put onions in my food. I shouted again , please no onions. She replied and said I loved repeating myself. I smiled. My hot and steamy indomie was soon packaged alongsides with two nicely fried eggs and I reached to get my bag and the things I bought and hurried home as I couldn’t wait to devour my hot Indomie with two eggs. I imagined getting cozy and enjoying the night.

I got home and hurriedly put of my shoes, switched on the air conditioner and jumped on my bed to get comfortable with my meal. Then I remembered my tablet had a low battery and I reached into my bag to get it!!! Where is my tablet?? The entire room was scattered within the next minute, soon I was out of the house, maybe I left it with the juice seller. Just then, I recalled seeing it on my bag while waiting for my indomie and commandeering the no onion war. I also remembered a funny looking man was by my side. I asked at the two shops where I was at, but my Tablet was gone. I suspected the funny looking man helped himself to my tablet. I asked around for his whereabouts  but this proved futile.

It did not hit me immediately. The pain crept in slowly, as I began to remember the content on my tab, I went back home to search for it, perhaps I had not searched properly, ALAS! my beloved Tablet was gone. I hated the fact that I had no back up, I had lost my pictures, my poems, my music, my apps, my Tab!! I felt a hole had been drilled in my chest, I was mad at myself, I did not know how I would cope without a device I had been so accustomed to.

How would I tell my Parents? I collected a part loan from my mum and saved up from my allowances to buy the tablet, and now my tab was gone. A friend called me around that time and consoled me a bit, I was dying to share my ordeal with someone else. I went into the street again to check for my tab. Anything in red caught my fancy as that was the colour of the pouch. A part of me still believed, (believes) my tab would return , it could, (can) not be gone.

I spoke to my parents later and they figured something was up with me almost immediately. My mum asked me if I had lost my phone, but I was not about to tell them. My dad sent me a whatsapp message later that night, I did not know how to reply. I wanted to share my burden with them badly but at the same time did not want to tell them yet.

I couldn’t sleep at night. I just kept remembering my beautiful Tab and her content. I decided to reply my Dad, as I did not want them getting worried. At around 6am, my mum called and then I told them, she consoled me and my dad told me to shake it off and that there was no use crying over spilled milk. (not like I was crying before, hehe.) He told me to just concentrate on how I could retrieve some of the content I had lost.

The pain of my missing tablet still hurts, even as I am writing this. But I would listen to the advice of my father and learn from this.  Move on, seek ways to become stronger. I would focus on the positive aspects of my life and let no one steal my Joy.

I had a lot of regrets, and what if’s. Like what if I stayed back at home, what if I left work a little earlier, what if I decided to go and cook my own Indomie. What if I did not take the picture of that Sunset. But it doesn’t help to look at matters that way.

Shit happens in life. We should just learn so we don’t fall into shit again.

Come to think of it, all of this happened because of Indomie and egg! Sorry eggs! Which I never even ate because I lost all appetite! I eventually had to throw it away.

By the way, I still finished the entire season of the Flash that night, we have to move on right?

It’s funny how I have been looking for inspiration for a new short story. The universe sure has it’s way of doing things. I got lemons and I am making lemonade.
Thanks for dropping by and catch you soon!

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