Our review team headed up to Ventura mall in Samonda Ibadan in a bid to catch The Mocking Jay 2 from The hunger games Trilogy but the time had been messed up and we were about turning back when we realised a host of people were trooping to buy  tickets to see a movie, we decided to find out what movie everyone was excited to see.  Alas! it was TAXI DRIVER (OKO ASHEWO)

In taxi driver, we have a comedy accompanied by good acting and quality recording. The actors did an awesome job by delivering well on their characters.
The language was also something that the average Nigerian can relate to. It can be seen that it is dominantly a Yoruba movie but was also patched with long conversations in broken English such that if you don’t speak Yoruba fluently, you can still follow the movie with little or no hiccups. Even though we heard they tried to make it a a predominant English ,movie. 
By the way, they dissed Ibadan guys too much in the movie.

Taxi driver stars popular acts such as Femi Jacobs, Odunlade Adekola, Ijeoma Grace Audu and a host of others. 
Taxi Driver , tells a story of the travails of a man (Adigun) who has come to lagos to take over the  taxi cab of his late father whom he had no sound relationship with. He needs to learn how to blend with the hustle and bustle of the Lagos City Life . He meets all sorts of people in the course of his new job and faces several challenges that accompanies night driving from his run ins with Armed robbers to his dealings with Kidnappers, affairs with a sex worker Laced with an atmosphere of comedy!!


How could the movie  have be Improved.
We felt the story line was not bullet proof and left too many loops untied, but apart from that it was a great movie if you want to catch a good laugh.

YMATAZZ engages the help of Kolade Pelumi in a classic Tune ##FLAMES OF LOVE## Wait on IT!!!! From the stables of VEXSCHE MUSIC!
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