In a world where hope is in short supply but high demand , Vexscheworld has decided to take a look and highlight the hit songs that inspired us in whatever situation we were in , the songs that gave us a reason to believe again in the year 2015.
We know many artistes rolled out songs that also passed a significant message but probably did not get the air plays they deserved or have not yet , we try to highlight a few of them on our notable mentions list and encourage you to call our attention  to the ones that struck a special chord with YOU in the comment section below, a chord that we have probably failed to hear.
Here are the songs that get our classic Hit Labels
1)      Ojuelegba ( Wizkid )
      This song was wizkid’s Climax point on his last Album compilation Ayo . Released in 2014, but reached its peak in 2015! The beat carefully caressed us into the mood of the song, a mood of reflection, a mood of thanksgiving, a pensive mood. Wizkid shares with us a glimpse of his struggles in the past. Offering us a reason to believe, a reason to hope . He thanks God for handing to him a wonderful life, one that he can’t explain. Legendunry beatz definitely deserves an applause for a job well done with the track’s production.
The Video for this song also delivers his message with a good level of accuracy . It carried the warmth that comes with identifying with a person’s struggles. The video was directed by the one who some say revolutionized the music video industry in Nigeria, Clarence Peters.
 This song also has been a worthy flag bearer for the Afrobeat tune worldwide and recently had even more recognition when American artistes Drake and Skepta dropped a few bars on it!
2)      Melo Melo ( Olamide)
                Olamide had always proven to us that he can inspire with his music, but with melo melo he struck a chord that sounded different from what we had been hearing. The song was released mid way in 2015, and if it keeps up this way might just make our 2016 list again! Awesome work from the YBNL Boss.  We (Vexscheworld)  have already rendered our review of his song. Click Here to view
3)      Godwin ( Korede bello )
                     Korede bello handed to us a thriller, a praise song that cut across different sections of the society. This song was getting airplays in clubs and had choirs rendering them in church. He simply gives us music we can all relate to and remember that in a world of chaos , we still have a reason to Praise God.  Released early in January 2015 and graced us throughout the year.
4)      Orente (Adekunle Gold )
            While taking survey for songs that touched our hearts in 2015 , this was the most consistent selection. . YBNL toaster Adekunle Gold treats us to a song about the sort of ladies that are in short supply today. Ladies that are ready to be in love with a guy simply out of a good heart.  Ladies that are ready to go through the struggles of life with their partners even when things are rough. Some have argued ( and we can’t say they have it wrong ) that they should not be made to settle with a poor man that can’t take good care of them out of the fantasy of love. That is not the message this song is passing. It is saying that ladies should be ready and able to stick with a man when times are rough because they would not always have it smooth.
Some have hailed this song as the song for broke ass boys. While that is funny, it is not true. It is a song for everybody, because while the sun might be shinning today we may not know that a storm is brewing for tomorrow. The question remains, would the people that enjoyed the sunshine with you today stick by you when the storm comes tomorrow? Because the storm will come. Vexscheworld already reviewed this song, you can view it here 
5)      Katapot ( Reekadobanks )
The mavin crew insists that Reekado Banks handed over to us the new anthem of love and really, they might just have  got it right . In Katapot, Reekadobanks talks about the people who throw daggers on he and his lover but this song in meaning transcends just a love message but can be related to whatever you love or love doing in general. It helps you go through the times people fail to believe in you and what you are doing. Once you are convinced you are on the right track, pursue it and watch greatness unfold on your doorstep.
6)      Iyawo mi (Timi Dakola)
 We all Remember what John Legend did with All of me? Timi Dakola tried to bring back that feeling  for us with his classic “iyawo mi” . In his song,  he just sings about his love for his spouse and we at Vexscheworld  included it on our list because we felt it reminded us of what it feels to have someone appreciate us, what good feeling it brings. Especially for husbands, it is necessary to appreciate your spouse and make her feel loved.
Notable mentions
These are the songs that we at Vexscheworld feel carried potent messages capable of inspiring us to be better and live better lives ,  but did not get as much airplay as they deserved orr have not yet.
If you have more nominations , you can please use our comment sections. We already know you dropped by from our Stats, but we would like our comment sections to become more interactive. Kindly drop your messages here.
Báyemola (Femi)
 Femi treated us to some good music here and tells us that we would enjoy life better if we did things and took actions with more caution, if we lived life with a lot of patience. You can download here
Take a chance (Simi)
 Released in 2012, but since Simi really rose to fame in 2015 that was when many people got to listen to the song. If you have not heard this song, You really need to. Really Inspiring. You can download here
Make Am (Patoranking)
High Afrobeat tune that gets you dancing without even realising it yet! Helping us to realise that we can all make it in life.  Beautiful release from Patorankingfire!!!! You can download here
Somebody Great (Korede Bello)
Korede bello treats us once again to something that gives us hope , by sharing his story of his rise to fame with Somebody great! Vexscheworld already rendered a review of this song, click here to view
If you felt we left out any songs you know touched your heart in 2015, tell us using our comment section below!
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