Ibile by Lil kesh (Music review)

Ibile Music  Review!!!
YBNL soldier Keshinro Ololadele aka Lil Kesh released a brand new tune he called ibile early in January 2016 . He definitely doesn’t waste time in trying to dominate the industry in 2016. Lil Kesh who usually graces us with tunes we can dance to decides to give us the best of both worlds on his latest single. A danceable tune and one that carries a relevant message. Exactly what we love at vexscheworld.
Ibile is a Yoruba word which can be translated to mean “Home grown” or a member of the land, better put, a true son of the land . Lil Kesh appeals to the part of the society who believe our culture is being forgotten in a quick rush to adopt what we know as  “western Civilization”. He sings the song in praise of everyone who still tries to uphold their own culture, doing things the way our fore fathers had done it.
The track is a danceable one that we believe many dance groups would be quick to adopt. A predominantly Yoruba song like most of kesh’s songs .
The track was blessed by the able hands of producers Young jonn and Pheelz
This was a commendable release from the stables of YBNL with a message for us to uphold our own culture and not trade it in the guise of Civilization
Favorite Part : 
The entire message the song passed was lovely. Anyway, what I like to refer to as the  hook of the song  was on point “won fun e leba on wa sibi, nnkan to ye ko ji owo bo” which can be translated to mean ” they Give you eba. (a meal common amidst Nigerians, usually eaten with hands) but you decided to start looking for a spoon”. I found it hilarious because many youths do it these days, even though some of us have good excuses. Generally it is safer to eat with a spoon to avoid contamination from germs on our hands .

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