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SORRY by Justin Bieber
From you tube sensation to international stardom, the story of Justin drew bieber is very exciting. After the success of his previous albums and a shaky career, JB is back with a strong force (Stronger than the one in star wars) with a fourth studio album, titled PURPOSE. The 22 year old singer is signed to def Jam records.


Justin Bieber who recently started showing brave signs to prove  his critics wrong and handle his career with a lot more seriousness  after bouts of issues that challenged his responsibility ratings spread all over the internet has handed  his belieber’s another anthem. People who aren’t even proclaimed beliebers have this JAM crooning in their heads. This song has definitely earned Vexscheworld’s Planet Banger status !

When a song is titled sorry , you might conclude without listening to it that it would be a slow and draggy song . Justin Bieber’s sorry is the opposite of anything in the line of slow.
Sorry is a danceable pop song and at the same time still manages to convey the message of seeking forgiveness for a wrong doing!
The instrumentals are a beautiful blend. You can hear drums carefully quavering in the background  and then you have intermittent trumpet sounds that sends the right feeling back to the hearer. Sorry was produced by the trio of skillrex , Yektro and blood diamonds.  The Producers of this track did a wonderful job in harmonizing the sounds with Justin’s beautiful  and sonorous voice.
In sorry, Justin Bieber is asking his lover to accept his apology and hopes his apology is not too late . He admits that the fault lies with him and tells how much he misses his lover
The song is not filled with a lot of witty lyrics but its presentation is next to perfect.
Vexscheworld recently proclaimed Justin Bieber’s sorry as a Planet Banger!

Favourite part
Our favourite part has to be towards the end of the hook when Bieber says ’’I know that I let you down, is it too late to say sorry now’’. This has to be the climax of the track.
Now we know Justin’s purpose is to blow our minds and he is definitely not sorry about it
Content : 0.8
Melody : 0.8
Delivery : 0.8
Voicing : 0.9
Production : 0.9
 Overall rating : 4.2/5
Review by Abimbola Adenmosun (@misstiqueen) and Kolade Pelumi (@koladePelumi) for The Vexscheworld review Panel

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