Mungo Park by korede bello – (The Vexscheworld Review)

Mungo Park – (The Vexscheworld Review)
Korede Bello is here with another thriller he titles Mungo Park. On this one, he sings about discovering mungo park. what I found rather hilarious here was the idea of discovering “mungo park” . We know Mungo park discovered the Niger , but who discovered mungo park?? I actually thought they made a mistake with the statement until I saw the visuals released for the song. Another interesting thing about this single was the nice jab thrown at his boss Donjazzy for not tying the nuptial knot yet and still playing around with all sorts of girls. J

The Review
The song has the type of instrumentals that invites one to dance.  It also has a playful theme around it. Generally at vexscheworld we feel Korede can still offer more than we see at the table but he is definitely not resting on his oars.
In mungo park, K. Bello advices us to make up our minds and do things at the right time rather than waiting needlessly. Many of us are trying to find the perfect person , girls are trying to find mr. Right, guys are trying to find the perfect girl. I read a quote that made a lot of sense to me

           “ Instead of waiting forever for mr. Right, get Mr Left and drag him to the Right ”

Vexscheworld rating
Content : 0.7
Melody : 0.7
Delivery: 0.7
Voicing :0.6
Production :0.6
Video Review
The visuals  for mungo park are cool, it all takes place in a school setting. It can be taken for a comic video as it would definitely make a smile creep up your face If you are not hard-hearted. Lol. Good visuals . Korede bello treats us to a funny style of running and the mavin boss Don jazzy also bring his funny side to the table
Head on to youtube to catch this video
Video review rating : 3.5/5

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