It is hard to believe you are gone by Silver Irukwu

It is hard to believe you are gone
It is hard to believe I’ll never see you again
Who would have thought just the other day we talked
We laughed
We walked together
We even fought over meals
Oh now I wish I let you have them
What is this emptiness I feel
What’s this fear I feel
Now I realise you were important to me
Too bad I’ll never get to tell you now
I’ll never understand how death works
He just sneaks up people for no reason
Unsuspecting and Unprepared
He’s cruel
When you want him , He is nowhere to be found
No amount of tears can bring you back now
No love song can bring you back , I know
But here is a song for you
That expresses how much I care
And Ihow much I’ll miss you
I hope you’re listening where you are
So goodbye my friend
I wish I got to say this before you left
Cause I would have made it really count
It is heart breaking
So this is it
This is good bye
I wish I got to at least say it

Before you left

By Silver irukwu
IG : seelvateria

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