Like the Album Title says, Kiss Daniel is here to set the new Era in The Nigerian music industry. It is no news that his success accrues mostly to his ability to deliver good music. He is here to imprint his brand on the Nigerian music scene with his new album release!

People have mistaken this young man for a one hit wonder, but he brings a fresh new set of songs to the table to show us that he is no flash in the pan.
We at Vexscheworld give our thoughts on the hot tracks below
1)New King
An appropriate introduction to the album , Kiss Daniel  sets the record straight in his own way to announce that a new lion king has arrived in the jungle J . His rise to fame is actually something quite spectacular. So , the question  remains, is kiss Daniel the new King ? we have 19 more tracks to decide.  Lovely rhythm, exquisite vocals, good track!

Also, we spotted a subtle and witty sub!!! and we would  have to drop it here, we all remember the headies fiasco where a lot of tension arose in the industry about who the next rated artiste was amongst Kiss Daniel, Lil kesh and Reekado banks! With the latter winning.  On Lil kesh’s album YAGI, he drops a direct sub “ They say kesh is their next rated (reffering to his fans) f+++ that I think that I’m the best rated‘’

Kiss Daniel throws his punchline on this one,

 ” Cause you wear the crown  doesn’t make you the king”

well, it is up to us to read between the lines

2)Another day
A decent track and lucent addition to the album. He talks about the struggle of living life everyday. It is a song every hustler can relate to. It has a beautiful blend of instrumentals . The track is structured in a way so that you feel the struggle
A fast paced and danceable kind of song. We have another beautiful addition to the album here. Good instrumentals. Masterkraft (The producer) of this track did a good job. Even though it seemed kiss Daniel did not have much to say at the end of the song from the instrumentals that were just playing with no vocals, perhaps he wants us to jump on it like Olamide’s who you epp!
This song is what we at vexscheworld have named the Headliner for the Album! This song has already been released before the album came out. By the way, the video was awesome! Beautiful scenes! We might just give this track its own review! He drops hot and witty lines on this one

“If I could shoot girl, Ill shoot for you, Aint gon kill Baby just a bullet wound”
Slow and rhythmic song. Here he pours his heart on some matters bogging him. He comes down on his nay sayers and people spreading rumours about him, addressing them in this song. Well, that is what an album is about, It should be an artist imprinting his soul in his work
6)Napo ft Sugarboi
First feature on the track list. Decent song. Kiss Daniel engages the help of label mate sugarboy to deliver an okay song.
7)Good time
The instrumentals of this song has been critically acclaimed to be really good. The idea of the song is that a man tells his concubine that he has a wife and a marriage he doesn’t want to jeopardise but tonight he would like to have a good time with her. And everything they do that night ends with the night.

Well , we urge our married men to stay true to their wives and leave the beautiful girls alone to find their own partners instead of having  “Good times” .

8)Give into
Good tune. The message here is simple, Kiss Daniel employs his lover to give into loving him so he can shower his love on her.
We at vexscheworld took a particular liking to this song. It doesn’t sound like your everyday afropop song! It is a beautiful track with a lovely rhythm. Here , he sings to his former lover “kudi” and expresses his hurt over the fact that she forgot about their love and now wants to be friends.

10)Ghetto boys ft Sugarboi
Another Sugar boy feature! Sugar boy was the only feature on this album, and it still rocked!  It talks about their rise from what they refer to as the “Ghetto” and now they are worldwide. It has lovely rhythm! And is basically a celebration of their label!
The second track after woju which made us all love kiss daniel’s music. It is a beautiful addition to the Album. Here, he deals us the ever green line
 “ I know I’m crazy but baby take my dukia, my dear”.
12)Are you alright
Okay track. Quite slow, but nevertheless a good addition to the album. We doubt if this song would thrive as a single , but then Kiss Daniel has proved to us that his tracks can grow on us. Reminds one of raba( A track he was featured on) in a way.
This is song has an unusual and funny intro. It Has Subtle and rhythmic instrumentals . Talks about the dangers of selfishness and the goods generosity holds. A decent addition to the album.
14)Kiss me
A good track from Kiss Daniel, this guy can definitely deliver hit tracks all year round ! Good song from Kiss daniel who seems to be rebranding himself as Vado.
15)Sin city
Another masterkraft tune! He tries to relay a message that everyone makes mistakes and no one is a saint. He also subtly tells us he doesn’t do “kush” which is also says might be hard to believe but is thetruth

6)Upon me ft sugarboi
Rhythmic song for the girls! A Kiss Daniel Trade mark, he certainly has the right lyrics to thrill girls . He engages sugarboi once again to help him deliver on this track

The Song many claim to have made Kiss Daniel. This was the song that brought this singer to lime light. Awesome melody,  totally danceable and melodious. Beautiful addition to the album, would have simply been incomplete without it!
Quite a number of the track titles are an iteration of titles we have heard on the album before.  Duro, reminds us of a hit song by Tekno but doesn’t sound like it. Both of them are great songs in their own rights. He also borrows a line from Davido’s Ekuro on this one. Good track
19)All God
A young jon production! You already know it’s going to be a Lovely production.  He gives praise to God for his successes so far and tells us he believes he would be around for a long time! Talks about his journey so far and what the future holds

20)Nothing dey
A wonderful way to end the album. Lovely vocals , good instrumentals . He expresses his distaste for the judgemental atitudes of the world.  And that he is allowed to do whatever he deems fit. While this is true, let us all remember to do what we feel deep down in our conscience is right or wrong!
A brilliant album from an exceptional Artiste. He has definately come to bring A new era to the nigerian music scene

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Overall Vexscheworld Album rating : 4.0 / 5

Review by The Vexscheworld review Panel

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