7 Years – Lukas Graham ( THE VW REVIEW) and lyrics


Lukas graham  is a music band whose lead singer is also named  Lukas graham , other members include  drummer Mark Falgren, bassist Magnus Larsson, and keyboardist Kasper Daugaard. They have garnered quality international presence with tracks like seven years and mama said. To learn more about Lukas Graham go to this link.

Seven years was released in September 2015 and since then has been climbing up on charts and its video content receiving millions of views on social media



The song contains beautiful and narrative lyrics, talks about growing up fast and taking the chances that come with different stages of life. The song reminds us to make friends while we are young, also chase our dreams as we develop into older versions of ourselves.

The song also expresses hopes of a wonderful future. The song was beautifully crafted with subtle instrumentals guaranteed to get you thinking.

This song will definitely steer you in making some right decisions in case you have not been making many J.

The lyrics of this song speaks for itself. See lyrics after Rating.


Vexscheworld Rating



Delivery – 0.8


Production – 0.8

Overall rating – 4.0/5


Enjoy the lyrics below


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