A splash of green, a touch of blue
Tint it with red, add a layer of glue
Oil, Wax, or water
Mix it all on a platter
Canvas, Stone or Ice
Deal with them with whatever device 
Human, Animal or inanimate
A haphazard mix of shapes that do not relate
Some say it looks like a bird
Others say it’s color is like turd
Some don’t even get the meaning 
Others look at it with yearning
To the troubled, inner peace 
To the critic, it shall suffice 
To the wealthy, let’s fulfil our part


Such is the crazy world of Art!.


Muraina feranmi writes for Vexscheworld
Twitter : Prodigy001
Read more about him here

A relentless dreamer and almost hopeless romantic. Space and Energy enthusiast , Writer , Poet, Guitarist, Speaker.

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