STELLAR YOUTH (August edition)

The Bees Ng is one of the fastest growing media brands in the country. We engaged the C.E.O of the bees ng , Mr Ogunsanya Oluwafemi in a very insightful interview. He shared with us some tips and insights as to what makes the brand a major success.

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1)Tell us a bit about yourself and your background 

My name is Ogunsanya Oluwafemi, I am the first of four children in the Ogunsanya family. I finished my primary education at Kings Kiddies Nursery and Primary School and had my secondary education at Illupeju College. I am presently a 400L student of Federal University Of Agriculture Abeokuta studying Animal Breeding And Genetics.

2) Tell us what drives you every morning, What makes you tick?

Every morning, before saying my prayers at times; I remember my mum’s word (she has always believe in me right from my 100L days. Her words of “Oluwafemi I know you’re different,and you’re unique right from birth.) This became part of me and has affected my passion to make a difference in my generation. So in a nut shell, I wake up every morning with a drive to make a difference wherever I find myself.

Her words of “Oluwafemi I know you’re different,and you’re unique right from birth.)

3) What exactly is the bees all about?

The Bees Nigeria is a platform where creative and talented minds come together to create a media and entertainment world that informs, creates media awareness for event, brand awareness, cover events, manage talents and most importantly bring out the best in every BEE.

4)How did the bees start out

I started The Bees with the sole aim of making a difference and informing my fellow student of what’s happening around the school and the world at large. I started out with four (4) of my friends, we all wanted to start something, we were tired of the normal school life. I can remember back then when I’ll stay up all night outside my room with my friends building the website, my friends turned bloggers over-night and i turned to a website designer and a content creator too! (Lol). We never had any formal lessons tho and they were never our hobbies. The Bees as most people know it was formerly BUSSY BEES. Here’s a brief story about the name,one night my friends and I were strolling down to our hostel, prior to that day we’ve been thinking of different names to give it, fortunately one of my friend said BUSSY BEES; reason being we were always busy every night trying to fix the site, get content and brain storm together. Looking at the BESS too,they are always busy making honey or busy protecting their queen, and the outcome of the honey is always sweet; so we believed the outcome of BUSSYBEES will be sweet. This story won’t be complete without me mentioning the CEO of NGScholars, he stood by me and my friends. The name BUSSYBEES was change to The Bees Nigeria after our one (1) year anniversary.

we were always busy every night trying to fix the site ,get content and brain storm together.

5)What obstacles do you currently face at the bees.

Uhm! I’ll say our present obstacle is our need for some gadgets to make our job easier, faster and to bring the best out in every Bee.

6)What would you say your best moment with the bees is?

Well, I don’t have a best moment for now as every moment with my team member have been awesome.

7) Where do you see the bees in the next 5 years

Words can’t really explain my vision for The Bees in the next five (5) years. But I’ll say I see The Bees as a multi-national company.

8) If you were not C.E.O of the bees, what other thing would likely be doing

I’ll either be a software engineer, a programmer or a project manager. These are where my other strengths lies. As for my hobbies, I love hanging out with friends playing table tennis and chatting.

9) How many team members do you have at the bees currently

The Bees have 15 team members and we’re presently planning on recruiting more members.

10) What advice do you have for someone looking to follow in your footsteps.

The first thing you have to do is to believe in yourself, even before you start up anything. Don’t wait for appraisal from anybody, look for experienced people in your field, get close to them and let then know you need their help. I also made Google my friend, I learnt and took so many course through the help of Google (Leadership, Digital Marketing, Social Media Branding etc). Lastly, I’ll say wherever you find yourself, make yourself indispensable, it is very important!

The first thing you have to do is to believe in yourself, even before you start up anything.

11) Do you have any embarrassing moments in your life you would like to share with us

Mehn, this was one of my embarrassing day. Along that colfhec road, my jean got hooked up in a piece of iron and got torn from my lap down to my knee cap. It wasn’t really funny that day as I can’t even remember how I got to my hostel.
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Founder, The Bees Nigeria
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