Vexscheworld Review – THE GOLD ALBUM

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1)Gold (intro)

This was the perfect introduction to the Album, Adekunle bares his mind on his travails so far in life and why he decided to name the album GOLD. The instrumentals caress our senses into a soothing trance and for 1 minute and 18 seconds we are in tune with his journey!!

2)My life

We are introduced to this golden album with a high tempo , high life rhythmic kind of music. He gives us a similar groove to what we had previously heard on ready. He talks to people who hate on him and breaks it to them that he doesn’t have their time. He also let’s us know that God’s got him. The instrumentals, percussion , trumpets on this song is worthy of note

3)Beautiful Night

One of my favorite tracks off the album, Lovely and solemn instrumentals. It is a song ideal for serenading a lady under the moonlight with the stars perfectly lit. He tells his lady to let them make use of the night and make the best use of it. Adekunle Gold deals us a beauty on this track.


The second song after sade which made us confirm that Adekunle Gold was the truth!  See our previous review of Orente here.  Solemn instrumentals.

5) Nurse Alabere

The first thing that strikes your attention in this song is it’s rhythm. solemn song, carefully passing across it’s message. He sings the song in his local dialect ÿoruba” which is typical of Adekunle Gold. The song is about reject and remorse and regret.  His lover has given up on him and he has become dejected. Beautiful addition to the album

6) Friend zone

The comical relief of the album. It is a song where a guy makes his intentions completely clear to his lover that they are not just FRIENDS, but he wants to be more than friends . Beautiful rhythm !!! the instrumentalists on this Album have  delivered  well  so far.


This album is simply Classic. This particular song makes you feel like you are listening to a cold play track but in an African way! This track got me grinning from teeth to teeth. He claims that the love he has for his lover makes him feel lost in paradise and he never wants to return home.

8)No forget ft Simi

I called this song my favorite track even before listening to the album because it had @symplysimi on it , she is too awesome. We might just write a review on her alone soon. By the way her album would be FIRE!!!! . Beautiful combination (@dekunleGold x @symplysimi). It is song about the commitment of lovers , they tell each other not to forget about the love they have for each other.

9)Pick up

One of the oldies on the album. This song has already been successful and has been on the lips of everybody, both the young and old. We all want the lord to pick up our calls. Lovely percussion on the song.


If you listen to the song with head phones you would notice how they were switching beats from the left to right listening pieces. I found that interesting. Lovely message on this song, telling the world to double their hustle and stop living fake lives! This goes to everyone employing get rich quick schemes , instead getting straight down to work!


This album has been cool so far, just solemn instrumentals and this song just takes us into the mood further with it’s soothing instrumentals.

12)Ariwo ko

This song practically explains the entire album! He did not shout at all on the previous songs and the album has been brilliant. He was all about the content! Also, Simi’s echoing voice is to die for !!!! Ariwo ko is a Yoruba word that means “It is not noise”

13)Fight for you

Beautiful song! Lovely rhythm. The album has been simply awesome so far. This song is a pledge by a love bitten guy to fight for his lover


Another oldie. Here a lover is professing his desire to find love. He says that he has heard that to everyone  there is a perfect match and that he also wants to find love!

15)sweet me!

Another high life tune with beautiful instrumentals. This song carefully leads us towards the end of a classic and stunning album! Beautiful songs . This track was produced by masterkraft


This was the song that fired Adekunle gold into  lime light. A cover of one directions’s  story of my life. Adekunle rendered a timeless song, it made @vexscheworld’s classic hits of 2015! My personal favourite adekunle gold song.



Overall rating – 4.0/5

Worthy of Note : Simi mixed and mastered all the tracks on this album except for Sade!! view the track list below

Track list the Gold Album



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