Cry me a river by Abimbola Adenmosun


by Abimbola Adenmosun !!

“You’re irresponsible” “, You’re not man enough “,” I wish I had married someone better”….

Those were the words that flowed out of my mother’s mouth. Lord knows my soul wished she wasn’t saying them, each word came out with a thunderous tone that echoed round our almost empty house.

We were poor, and this made my mother angry, every time she remembered our status.
There was already a battle raging between my eyelids and the noise from the altercation added fuel to the fire.

I was wide awake and painfully assimilated every word that came out from their mouths. It was 1am and they just couldn’t keep their voices low, after all, this wasn’t the first time they argued and woke up the whole neighborhood.

It became like a normal thing to hear “take it easy o” from the understanding neighbors and from the hostile ones, “please go and fight somewhere else”.

As their only child, most times I wished badly that I could swap parents. The days when it seemed like things were fine, I had second thoughts. But fast forward to stormy days, like this one, I wished something different. I felt like my mind was made up this time.

It was all so crippling, I felt like everyday was my funeral, I kept dying inside and still managed to resurrect only to die again.

Amidst all these madness ,I was still expected to come tops in my class. I had a lot to deal with, first as a female , second as a teenager. I felt like I had marital issues already, even when I hadn’t even started a relationship, I kept walking on egg shells till I clocked 18.

It’s “oxymoronic” to know I’m a weakly strong child, who smiles at the whole world but the inside of me can cry you a river.

Thanks for taking your time to read this piece.

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