Belloved by Korede Bello ( The Vexscheworld review)

Korede Bello, graced the world with his debut Album on the 11th of march 2017 and as one of Nigeria’s hottest young artistes , it  was only natural that his album was one of the most anticipated for the year 2017. He names the album Belloved, and dedicates it to his fans. Vexscheworld’s Kolade Pelumi dives in to scrutinize every song on the album. Read his scintillating review below, and see the overall VW rating too.

  1. Korede

Well, when you are releasing your debut album, you are at liberty to indulge in naming one of the tracks after yourself 🙂 . On this track Korede let’s us know that all that comes with becoming a famous musician has not changed him. He also hints us a bit about his peaceful nature, and how much he is grateful for all that has happened in his life thus far. He wishes his fans all the good that has happened to him in life!

2. Oh baybe

This is an up beat tune  that you can have your body dancing without any conscious effort.  The trumpets crooning in the background of this song also adds a special effect to the song.  On this track , he is basically singing about dancing with a girl, which is cute. He also shows us he has been taking a few lessons in foreign languages :). Good song.

3. Repete

Ok, so Korede basically eases into this particular song bragging about his MEGA status, and how he is a fine boy ( Bless the lord some of us are also fine too) . On this tune, He is singing about reciprocating love received . He is exploring his romantic side , and trying to reinforce his status as Africa’s Mr Romantic

4. Butterfly

This is another feel good tune , and is another song addressing a lover. Well, as a young boys , how many other things do we think about right ? Also, when you label a song butterfly, you have to make it as beautiful as the butterfly , and korede tries to do just that. It has a lovely melody. sweet tune.

  1. Let him go

This song starts with a tune I am familiar with and I can tell immediately that it is a Don Jazzy production . They both make efforts to make this song special. This song helps to encourage women under the tyranny of men who do not appreciate the eves in their lives. Nice tune, awesome message.

  1. My People

This song starts very strong with heavy beats!! He uses this track to appreciate people in his life helping him to achieve his dreams.  One thing peculiar to a number of korede bello songs is his reference to popular quotes and sayings, you would recognize the slightly famous Yoruba quote “ Somebody tun le se……..” but with a twist. He simply iterates the fact that his people are here to help him and not destroy him. dope tune

  1. If you smile

Yet another  song  dedicated to a lover. He links up with Baby Fresh to make another lovely addition to the album. You would also notice another popular yooruba quote, “ pekele pekele Arugbo Je gbese”. He obviously wants to infuse his culture into his work. slick jam.

8. Young Presido

Guess what? Apparently,  One of the perks of releasing your debut album is that You also get to feel like a Don. This song starts off in a royal like tune. And Korede introduces us to what he would love to addressed as , YOUNG PRESIDO. A lovely Don Jazzy tune!!!

9. Favorite song

It’s Cobhams !!!! on the beat, and you already know what to expect, nothing but beauty. Truth be told, I would have loved to see more of these kinds of songs on the album ! But I know there is the fear of what would make waves in the Nigerian music world, but then, sometimes people do not know what they want until you show them!

10. Good time ft Bellovers

It’s cute to see that the only feature on this album are his bellovers and they bring a special effect to the track , a truly beautiful tune !!!! . He explained at his album listening that he wanted to show that Nigerian youths do not always engage in terrible vices, but sometimes just want to have a good time!

11. Ese baba

A lovely note to end this beautiful collection, He explains that all he has achieved and experienced has been as a result of God !! You would also notice his inclusion of the popular Pual play dairo quote “ Aye mi dara , mowa  dupe ” .

Bonus Tracks :

Korede treats us to some of his hits , as bonus tracks , We enjoy the famous Godwin, Romantic and his recent world banger, Do like that!!!!

This Album is a beautiful piece of work as Korede tries to create something special for his bellovers and for youths at large. While we may not have any stand out monster hits  on the new collection of songs like his GODWIN, we  have a truly brilliant album!

My personal favorites on this album would be Good time ft Bellovers , and Favorite song !!


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