7 Years – Lukas Graham ( THE VW REVIEW) and lyrics



Lukas graham  is a music band whose lead singer is also named  Lukas graham , other members include  drummer Mark Falgren, bassist Magnus Larsson, and keyboardist Kasper Daugaard. They have garnered quality international presence with tracks like seven years and mama said. To learn more about Lukas Graham go to this link.

Seven years was released in September 2015 and since then has been climbing up on charts and its video content receiving millions of views on social media



The song contains beautiful and narrative lyrics, talks about growing up fast and taking the chances that come with different stages of life. The song reminds us to make friends while we are young, also chase our dreams as we develop into older versions of ourselves.

The song also expresses hopes of a wonderful future. The song was beautifully crafted with subtle instrumentals guaranteed to get you thinking.

This song will definitely steer you in making some right decisions in case you have not been making many J.

The lyrics of this song speaks for itself. See lyrics after Rating.


Vexscheworld Rating



Delivery – 0.8


Production – 0.8

Overall rating – 4.0/5


Enjoy the lyrics below


One and Only By Korede Bello (The Vexscheworld Review)


Korede Bello has been blowing us away ever since he climbed up to the centre stage! He is arguably Nigeria’s fastest rising star, if you are in doubt, check out his social media numbers and compare them with his pairs!!! Now let us get down to the juicy part

This song was definitely composed as korede Bello’s wedding reception anthem! So that when he goes to wedding receptions, he has something to sell to sing to his audience! The beat of the song was top notch. And Korede Bello delivered very well too. You must love the the way he croons out Kokoro in the song. A generally  song. The producer did an awesome work  arranging and mixing this track! @donjazzy delivers on his party mixes The Gbedu is really FIRE 
Extremely dance-able track
The Down side to this production is that it is not very deep in content although he passes the cogent message of love!  Asides that , Korede bello’s One and only is a thriller!
The Video features beautiful visuals, thanks to Aje film works. It is not surprising that it has been laced with a bit of humour too, typical of korede bello and donjazzy. Remember what they did on mungo park?, well check the review via this link
Delivery – 0.8
Production – 0.9





The act and art of flying had always caught our fancy as humans.  From the times of the early cave men who wondered how the birds they hunted made flights, the concept of being in the air had always remained deeply rooted in the heart of man.

What is interesting is that some men looked at birds soaring the sky and simply marveled at the sight and their excitement ended there. Some others looked at the birds, marveled at their elegance in the air and started conceiving ways in which they could develop such a thrill for themselves, they started imagining the possibilities of manned flights. They were the trail blazers.

I imagine being alive some 2 centuries ago and telling people that man would one day be airborne. One can easily conceive the insults that would have been rained on me or the folly people would have subjected me to. Even though 2 centuries after I would have been right, and everyone around me then would have been wrong, but ironically would not be alive to see that I was right.

My first experience on an airplane would remain ever green in my heart, it was simply amazing (after getting over the fright, I enjoyed the flight). Everything looked and seemed beautiful from up there. I was proud to be part of the species that put us up there. It opened my mind to the possibilities that lie within our kind. It confirmed a statement that had always been imprinted deeply in my mind. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.


Have you ever been told you do not have what it takes to be or do something? Have you ever come up with a dream, an idea etc and have had it shot down almost immediately? Perhaps you are the one second doubting yourself, tricking your mind into believing that you can’t amount to much, setting boundaries for your achievements, believing in the concept of impossibility! Well Let’s take a flight down history.

Quick trivia…. Who invented the airplane? Some of us don’t even know. The smart ones among us would be quick to mention the names of the Wright brothers   i.e Wilbur and Orville Wright. While you might be right on paper, I dare say you are in fact wrong. The ones who invented the airplane are the people who believed in the possibility of flight before the wright brothers took that first flight of 120 feet with the wright flyer on December 17 1903. People like

Sir George Cayley, Samuel Langley, English inventor Hiram Maxim, amongst several others. These people along sides the wright brothers are to be credited for daring to dream. For leading the trail.

These were the ones who tried and did not get it perfectly right but they provided relevant information which in the end paved the way for this awesome feat we eventually achieved. Some of them died without ever seeing man fly, but they truly are the ones who invented the airplane. They are the true heroes.

So it doesn’t matter if nobody believes in your dreams now, in fact don’t worry about the naysayers and your critics. Listen to criticism just to learn from it, don’t let it affect your zeal to create the future.

Listen to criticism just to learn from it, don’t let it affect your zeal to create the future.

For instance, I believe buildings will one day float———you are probably saying in your mind that this guy is crazy. Well, in the words of Steve Jobs “the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”.

I have often told anyone who cares to listen that everything is possible, our mere existence proves that fact to me. I had once read a quote to me that explains it better. Something along the lines that life is like an empty dark room, whatever you want in that room you would have to create it. You want light? create it. You want a window? Fabricate it! You want a door? Go and get yourself one. It really is that simple!

I fondly recall this quote “ If you can think it, you can do it!” I do not know who first came up with it but I think it’s better put “If you can think it, it’s Possible”.  You might not necessarily be the one to do it.

The very first man who truly believed in the concept of flying would always be unknown to mankind.  He might have had the zeal to test his ideas but then , even the crude technology that made the first manned flight possible may not have been available to him. He might not have had the appropriate tools to even take his ideas for a test run.

Even though he thought it, there was no possible means for him to have done it. Therefore if you can think it, it is Possible, and if it is Possible, someone can do it! It may not happen in your time,but it’s possible! Together we can conceive a better future with our minds because everything is possible if only we can believe!

People today give the credit of the airplane we see in the air today to the wright brothers, while they deserve this praise, it is necessary to remember the people who voiced out their beliefs in the possibilities of a manned flight when there was no proof of it’s possibilities.

Do you have dreams that do not look like possibilities now!? Do you have ideas that nobody seems to believe in at the moment? Take a look at the following

People once said it was impossible to fly

Now the entire world is connected via air routes!

People once said the entire world could never be communicated to at the same time

What does the internet do?

Heck ! We have landed man on the moon!!!!!!!

And  yet, you still let someone flush your ideas down the drain??


Believe in your ideas, nurture them, imagine the possibilities and Create your FUTURE. CREATE


By Kolade Oluwapelumi

(@koladePelumi) (Twitter and IG)











Image from BBM

Without the existence of death, humans would never understand the essence of living a meaningful life. When death calls, no man can decline.

On the 14th of June 2016,Babatunde Jezreel Okungbowa popularly known as OJB Jezreel passed on. Till the time of his death he was a prolific singer, songwriter and producer.
It is sad to know that in the course of writing this article, the use of past tense would be employed. The 49 years he spent on the planet earth was used in the reformation and recreation of the Nigerian music scene.
The history of the industry is incomplete if OJB Jezreel’s name isn’t mentioned. He produced various songs for many artistes, composed beautiful songs as well as sang beautiful songs.

In June 2013,he was diagnosed with acute kidney failure. With the donation of kidney by one of his wives, he was back on his feet again. We never knew that death was only on recess. 3 years after  in June 2016, he lost his tussle with death. He would be greatly missed. The brevity of life should challenge of to make the most of it.

RIP Jiggaman!

EXAMINATIONS by Aiyedun babatunde


Examinations are basically all about lecturers dishing out questions and students providing “suitable” answers to them. Here is a quick analysis: in most universities, there are just two important periods I call “moments of truth (MOT)” concerning academics viz. CATs (Continuous Assessment Tests) and examination. On average, a typical CAT session takes about an hour per course while exams take an average of about 2 hours per course. This means that an entire 3-month long academic semester is judged based on performance on exercises which lasts about 3 or 4 hours altogether. If an average student offered 10 courses in a semester, the total MOT time will add up to about 30 (or 40) hours. Rounding that figure off to the nearest day, let’s say there are about merely two days altogether designated as the most-prized, invaluable moment for each semester.
Allow me to derail a bit. See, life would be much easier if we wrote down our plans, what we desire, out on a piece of paper then critically analyse the details to fathom a solution(s) of best-fit. As a big follower of football, I’d like to take a Champions League (UCL) final match as a case study. Normal playing time takes 90 minutes. The events that occur over this interval whether natural, supernatural, biological, psychological, physiological, political (you name it!) are crucial but ultimately not the most important. What counts the most is that one team will emerge victorious thereby, having their name imprinted on the big, bold face of history. I remember the 2013/14 UCL Grande Finale between two Madrid city rivals, when captain Sergio Ramos leapt highest to meet a corner kick set-piece with his head decisively—a brilliant moment that would dramatically write a new story in UCL history, cause a positive turning point for Real Madrid as they clinch their coveted 10th title (La Decima), and simultaneously put a huge dent in their equally brilliant rival’s title hopes. You will easily agree with  me that the club leader did put his head to good use (something Yoruba’s call “olori-ire”). I mean he spotted a golden opportunity and made impeccable use of it when it mattered most in an incisive, brief “moment of truth.” We, too, can exhibit this inspiration in our own lives (and our academics) as well. The importance of doing the right thing at the right time cannot be overemphasized.
My momma used to tell us: “what is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.” As a student you should realise that gaining admission to study is worth your while. As a student you are meant to be smart, curious, diligent and persistent, because these qualities will contribute greatly to your success. You barely need to study hard instead work hard at studying smart! Tough times don’t last but tough people do! Quitters never win just as winners never quit! (can’t recall the origin of these quotes but they ring ‘true’) You need to put on the whole armory of academic success: friends of like-mind who support you both in good and bad times, confidence to stand out in class asking questions and/or actively participating in class [activities], seeking understanding of whatever is being taught and most importantly believe in Divine to bless your [just] hustle. These armories mentioned have depths in meaning however, I still want to shed more light on “moment of truth.”
For CATs and exams you have to prepare yourself mentally for these moments; eat well, get good sleep, prepare your writing materials ready before the big day, get to the test hall in time, be calm and collected. When seated in the test hall tell yourself “This is just a test and not the end of the world. [your name] you will pass this course no matter what. [your name] you are the best in the class, [your name] you are ultimately the world’s best!” These words really does psyche you prepared for the moment you are about to witness. Now, during the test breathe in and out sufficiently, because this makes enough oxygenated blood get to your brain—a process much-needed by your brain that now processes more information than usual. Read instructions carefully before anything else! Look through the questions then attempt the ones you can do best and fastest first. Endeavor to present answers as orderly and neatly as possible.
Peradventure, you are not conversant with most questions on your question paper, do not panic neither should you cheat, attempt the few you know beautifully. Give your lecturer a run for his/her money. Provide the best answer in all class to the ones you know. A note of warning: Remember “you lose a 100 percent of the chances you refuse to take,” I mean if there is still time left and you have attempted the questions you know, try your hands on the questions that prove a tough nut to crack. You never know, you could be right, perhaps you highlight something the lecturer mentioned in class on the subject and on the long run ‘grace’ covers you. Why not? It happens. Lastly, examination rules must be adhered to because, come to think of it—for instance, writing a test without signing the attendance form automatically annuls all efforts put into passing that particular test.
Plan towards MOT. May God help you.
Twitter: @iamolmighty
Instagram: @midesweet
Facebook: www.facebook.com/aiyedun.babatunde

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The Vexscheword Review of ADUKE by Tjan

The Vexscheword Review TJAN-ADUKE
Tijani Olasunmbo Fowosere popularly known as Tjan who was born on the 21st of February in 1992,is arguably one of the best vocalists the country has ever produced. At a very tender age, his love for music was discovered. Being an avid listener of music, he listened to various kinds of music gospel inclusive.       
The extremely talented but yet underrated artiste decided to share his talent with the world by taking by in Nigerian Idols season 3. He got to the top 20 but sadly didn’t win, he then proceeded and took part in Airtel music competition in Delta state where he emerged winner. The good looking singer has songs like Ire, what you like, chance to fly, dance for me and recently Aduke to his credit. We hope that one day the nation would discover this hidden treasure.

Just when we thought we had heard all that pertains love from a male vocalist in Nigeria, Tjan comes and renders all our thoughts and assumptions false with a beautiful song titled Aduke.
 Aduke is a love song that contains properly structured and we’ll composed words, that can serenade even the wickedest of hearts.
In the song, the serenaded makes his imperfections known to his lover (Aduke) as well as his intentions to marry her, care for her and love her.
Every line, sentence and word of this song is worthy of quotation and appraisal. The 4:10s love song was beautifully composed by Cohbams Asuquo and wonderfully delivered by Tjan.
The combination of a wonderful vocalist as well as meaningful lyrics is what makes a song evergreen; it is then safe to say that this song would be evergreen. We hereby sentence this song to many years in “evergreendomness” as well as certify it as a Vexscheworld hit.
Delivery – 0.9
Production – 0.9
Overall rating – 4.3/5

Review By Abimbola Adenmosun for the Vexscheworld review Panel



Written by Phatom

Special issue to the string of  Room 24 stories

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“Nigeria’s economy is bad.. now we just experienced it firsthand” – Eze
 ” I just fully understand what the Bible means by ‘like a thief in the night’ ” – Phatom

That mysterious day in the hostel happened to be one of those days ‘NEPA’ decides to keep Nigeria’s electricity for themselves, and as the night came, the sun’s effect on the atmospheric temperature still was not close to wearing off.
Even with the calm tone the night darkness brought, the heat was still unbearable but that was not the only problem the hostelites  had to face, there was no source of usable water and most of the occupants were out of battery on their smartphones, laptops and even reading lamps.
Unlike every other day where an argument must emerge before a productive step could be taken in any decision to be made, a quick decision was made to switch on the hostel generator which was strictly for charging and pumping of water.
“this level of suffering should be illegal” Phatom said silently as he struggled to lift the bucket of water he was carrying up the stairs to his room. “let me chill at eze’s side for a bit, then I will come and have my bath later” Phatom thought to himself ” … there is still suya left to share sef!”.
“guys oya make we chop the suya na” phatom announced as he entered Eze’s room which happened to be Romm 24, the headquarters for the Lxgents.
“where is Aso and Dam” Eze replied in a rather dull and weak tone, which was not surprising looking at the stress he went through that day. It was obvious he was well spent.

“Probably downstairs I will call them when go down to get my phone”
After several minutes of different unproductive talks and jokes, the four were gathered in the room to eat the suya.
Shortly after, they heard the generator gradually die off. It was obviously low on fuel. Before then, the four were through with the suya and Eze went down to retrieve their devices which they left to charge up.
 As he came in, he lazily dropped the extension box with the plugs still connected to it at a corner close to the bed and placed the laptops just beside the reading table. “that’s all for the day I guess. It is time to browse for a little while and then fall asleep” he reasoned…
“ok guys… I am off ” Dam said as he packed up and walked towards the door.
Dam’s exit from the room was followed by a sudden change in the tone of the atmosphere. It was quiet and calm. The remaining three faced their personal issues, they were equally tired and all waiting patiently for the second they will have to surrender humbly to sleep. 

Phatom picked his phone  up from where he left it, replied some ignored messages, took a nice posture on the bed, a posture that would allow him concentrate fully on the game he wanted to play. 

Eze kept fighting an endless battle with the temperature in the air that was abnormally above nomal for a time like that, by walking out of the the room at intervals to ‘recieve fresh air’. and ASO felt that taking a cold bath at that time would ease his suffering and solve all his life problems.
A.s.o opened the bathroom door to find out that there was not a single drop of water available , “guys I am going to fetch some water” he said as he picked one of the two buckets.  There was no reply for him as Phatom was deeply engrossed in the game. and Eze at that time was still on his endless stroll in and out of the room and showed no form of concern.
A.S.O hurried downstairs to fetch a pale of water 🙂 “stop there” A.S.O  heard a thick voice with low tone say just as he dropped the bucket beneath the tap. As he turned to look he was already surrounded by five unfamiliar masculine figures. 

Before his brain could consider placing the question ‘who are these?’ his eyes caught the presence of five unfriendly objects,and each one of them had one with him, 3 had with them short handy axes and two had with them short double barrels , and a locally made pistol. Almost immediately he heard “shhh… take us to your room” from one of them as they instantly parted ways for him in the middle so he can lead them through.
His legs moved ahead of his brain as he moved into the building without saying a word or showing any form of resistance. It was clear to him now, he was being robbed. ‘what can i do?’ was the question on his mind as he moved slowly. Finally an idea struck him which was surprising for the kind of situation he found himself in .
He decided to take the second stairs up which would take him closer to his housemates that were seated outside , so they could see him and also the second stairs gave him access to a longer route to his room, he was going to run into his room as soon as he got a chance.
These were the thoughts that filled his head in random fashion. As he turned slowly to ascend the stairs thinking he would get reaction from the housemates seated outside, he was disappointed. There was absolutely  no reaction from them as they kept on talking, it was now clear to him that no one saw him and that plan had failed. Time for plan B he thought.
As he got to the first floor he realized it was time to execute plan b.. ‘run’.!!!!!  it was time to run. As he looked up to face his room opposite his present location just so he can start running towards it, he saw the some of the gang members ascend from the other stairs and face the direction of his room. Running became more of a nightmare than an option, plan spoiled. He walked gently to his room with the armed men close on his trail.
“oya enter your room” Eze heard while standing at the corridor. as he took his attention off his phone by looking up he saw A.S.O with a larger masculine physic at his back. He understood what was happening at once and turned back inside almost immediately.
The both of them assumed a ‘ lying facedown’ posture beside the bed where Phatom was lying. With A.S.O in the middle of Eze and Phatom who at that time still had his full attention on the game he was playing.

A.S.O and Eze were known for plenty weird play, so it wasn’t abnormal for Phatom to think that the two suddenly lying next to him was one of their plays.
“wassup” he said, as he turned at the two with his full attention still on the game.
he hissed and continued with the game after getting no response from them. He still wasn’t aware of the presence of an extra body in the room.
There was nothing the other two could have done to call his attention to the situation. His was still in the same position lying down with his face up  and his phone directly above his face

“commot that phone” was what he heard that finally gave a brief gap, between his attention and the game. He moved the phone a little to the side. This gave him space to see the strange figure with a funny looking face standing close to him and looking directly at him. Probably one of their friends” he thought to himself and he placed the phone back in the initial position that obstructed his view as he continued the game.
“I say commot that phone” the stranger repeated himself in a louder tone. He seemed frustrated already and wanted to drive at a point… that he was in control. Phatom lowered his phone only to see that the strange figure was already leaning towards him with the axe on the strangers arm stretched too close to him.
The sight of the axe made phatom take the situation seriously, he dropped the phone face down at his side on the bed. Suddenly he was calm and quiet, with his mouth sealed he flattened his body on the bed and crossed his arms on his chest.
“better do well, gun dey our hand, we go burst your head if u no do well” the stranger said as he took his standing posture back to phatom all that was ‘plenty talk’ as he was more than terrified of the axe already.

 He turned face down and placed his face on his palm.
now the three were all lying face down in an obedient manner like innocent bullied puppies. literally they were being bullied.
Phatom got the last glimpse of his phone as the stranger picked it up. It was then he knew the true worth of the phone. He got the last glimpse of the phone and the game which at that time was still visible on the screen, before the phone was put away.
The stranger searched the room and started picking other valuables as he found them. Apparently he was the only one in the room . The three were filled with different emotions, Eze had anger written all over his face, A.s.o disgust, phatom was dissapointed and afraid, then he was only concerned about his life. 

The room was quiet but the compound was not, their hostel mates seated outside were still talking and the three could still hear their voices, so they knew other occupants of the hostel were not aware.
‘they can’t be taking all our stuffs and we will be lying down like this” Eze thought to himself
“guys, its only one guy in the room, let’s take him down” Eze said, as he tried to convince the two to reason along with him and take action.

“ehn”  was A.s.o ‘s  reply. A.s.o  has a way of saying ‘ehn’ in a sarcastic manner when he feels someone said something foolish, just to make the person repeat the sentence and get the flaw in it without him having to say it. But why A.s.o chose to be sarcastic at that time still remains a mystery.
It’s only one guy in the room let us take him down” he repeated, fully unaware that his roommate was just being sarcastic. Eze’s plan was for two people to attack while the third person locks the door. but it was a null thought. Aso wasn’t ready to face an armed person in a physical combat and phatom did not even hear a word that Eze said. But that wasn’t the only thing that nullified the plan, as soon as Eze repeated himself two extra strangers entered the room and went to stand by Eze’s side catching him unawares.
“wetin you talk now now” one of them said as he leaned toward him to hear his reply.

“I was telling these guys to keep quiet” he replied instantly while moving his hand in a gesture to shut A.S.O and Phatom up.That smooth lie came out due to fear rather than of intelligence.
“U want make we burst your head abi” another said facing Aso and Phatom.
after a while of quiet ransacking it was time for the strangers to leave. They had taken everything of value in the room.
“who get car for this hostel and who dey use gold?” one asked, it was clear that they had a mission and wanted to know the room of the richest occupant of the hostel, the one that has a car or wears gold. 

unfortunately there was none. but how can they relate the information in a way the strangers will understand and believe.
“we don’t know who uses gold or car in this hostel. we are new occupants”. Eze lied again. after hearing this Phatom now had respect for Eze’s lying skills.
“wetin u talk”
“we are new occupants we don’t know who uses gold in this hostel”
“kini eleyi so?”(what is this one saying). it was now clear they were not interested in the tush english
Eze spoke. Then all of a suden Aso and Eze turned to face Phatom who had since been staring at Eze after he heard the first lie. They did not have to say a word Phatom knew why they faced him. He is the only one that could speak yoruba out of the three of them.
“a mo eni ton lo gold ninu hostel yi”(we dont know who uses gold in this hostel)
“why you dey lie, you want make we burst ur head” one said as he aim the gun at phatom in an attempt to shoot if he did not get the truth
“abeg sir a mo eni to lo gold ninu hostel yi” Phatom said pleadingly “ejo sir”. He placed his face on his arm, waiting for their reaction, scared that they would place a scar on his body.
shortly after they all left the room.
Phatom told Eze to lock the door after noticing that the strangers had left which Eze did immediately. They began to search the room for anything, trying to see if the strangers left any phone by mistake so they could place a call to the police or any other authority that can help. But then room was dry, very dry.
After noticing that, they tried screaming for help, trying to alert the hostel  , to let people know that strangers are in the compound. just as they started, they heard the sound of the door trying to open and almost instantly the window net was torn with a torch and gun pointed into the room through the window. Eze and Phatom moved into the bathroom immedietly while A.s.o took cover behind the door.
“why unna dey cause trouble, come open this door”
The room fell to a state of pindrop silence. Gun and torch still pointed through the window, Eze and Phatom stood at the bathroom entrance waiting for A.s.o’s  next move. As soon as A.s.o got the opportunity he ran to the bathroom passing the line of fire of the gun.

 Soon the stranger left and the three stood in the bathroom, patiently waiting for when it would be safe to go outside , not a single word was said and the only thing there was to hear was the sound of three heart beating loudly and rapidly in a syncronous manner.

 Room 24 had fallen.

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It is hard to believe you are gone by Silver Irukwu

It is hard to believe you are gone
It is hard to believe I’ll never see you again
Who would have thought just the other day we talked
We laughed
We walked together
We even fought over meals
Oh now I wish I let you have them
What is this emptiness I feel
What’s this fear I feel
Now I realise you were important to me
Too bad I’ll never get to tell you now
I’ll never understand how death works
He just sneaks up people for no reason
Unsuspecting and Unprepared
He’s cruel
When you want him , He is nowhere to be found
No amount of tears can bring you back now
No love song can bring you back , I know
But here is a song for you
That expresses how much I care
And Ihow much I’ll miss you
I hope you’re listening where you are
So goodbye my friend
I wish I got to say this before you left
Cause I would have made it really count
It is heart breaking
So this is it
This is good bye
I wish I got to at least say it

Before you left

By Silver irukwu
IG : seelvateria


Like the Album Title says, Kiss Daniel is here to set the new Era in The Nigerian music industry. It is no news that his success accrues mostly to his ability to deliver good music. He is here to imprint his brand on the Nigerian music scene with his new album release!

People have mistaken this young man for a one hit wonder, but he brings a fresh new set of songs to the table to show us that he is no flash in the pan.
We at Vexscheworld give our thoughts on the hot tracks below
1)New King
An appropriate introduction to the album , Kiss Daniel  sets the record straight in his own way to announce that a new lion king has arrived in the jungle J . His rise to fame is actually something quite spectacular. So , the question  remains, is kiss Daniel the new King ? we have 19 more tracks to decide.  Lovely rhythm, exquisite vocals, good track!

Also, we spotted a subtle and witty sub!!! and we would  have to drop it here, we all remember the headies fiasco where a lot of tension arose in the industry about who the next rated artiste was amongst Kiss Daniel, Lil kesh and Reekado banks! With the latter winning.  On Lil kesh’s album YAGI, he drops a direct sub “ They say kesh is their next rated (reffering to his fans) f+++ that I think that I’m the best rated‘’

Kiss Daniel throws his punchline on this one,

 ” Cause you wear the crown  doesn’t make you the king”

well, it is up to us to read between the lines

2)Another day
A decent track and lucent addition to the album. He talks about the struggle of living life everyday. It is a song every hustler can relate to. It has a beautiful blend of instrumentals . The track is structured in a way so that you feel the struggle
A fast paced and danceable kind of song. We have another beautiful addition to the album here. Good instrumentals. Masterkraft (The producer) of this track did a good job. Even though it seemed kiss Daniel did not have much to say at the end of the song from the instrumentals that were just playing with no vocals, perhaps he wants us to jump on it like Olamide’s who you epp!
This song is what we at vexscheworld have named the Headliner for the Album! This song has already been released before the album came out. By the way, the video was awesome! Beautiful scenes! We might just give this track its own review! He drops hot and witty lines on this one

“If I could shoot girl, Ill shoot for you, Aint gon kill Baby just a bullet wound”
Slow and rhythmic song. Here he pours his heart on some matters bogging him. He comes down on his nay sayers and people spreading rumours about him, addressing them in this song. Well, that is what an album is about, It should be an artist imprinting his soul in his work
6)Napo ft Sugarboi
First feature on the track list. Decent song. Kiss Daniel engages the help of label mate sugarboy to deliver an okay song.
7)Good time
The instrumentals of this song has been critically acclaimed to be really good. The idea of the song is that a man tells his concubine that he has a wife and a marriage he doesn’t want to jeopardise but tonight he would like to have a good time with her. And everything they do that night ends with the night.

Well , we urge our married men to stay true to their wives and leave the beautiful girls alone to find their own partners instead of having  “Good times” .

8)Give into
Good tune. The message here is simple, Kiss Daniel employs his lover to give into loving him so he can shower his love on her.
We at vexscheworld took a particular liking to this song. It doesn’t sound like your everyday afropop song! It is a beautiful track with a lovely rhythm. Here , he sings to his former lover “kudi” and expresses his hurt over the fact that she forgot about their love and now wants to be friends.

10)Ghetto boys ft Sugarboi
Another Sugar boy feature! Sugar boy was the only feature on this album, and it still rocked!  It talks about their rise from what they refer to as the “Ghetto” and now they are worldwide. It has lovely rhythm! And is basically a celebration of their label!
The second track after woju which made us all love kiss daniel’s music. It is a beautiful addition to the Album. Here, he deals us the ever green line
 “ I know I’m crazy but baby take my dukia, my dear”.
12)Are you alright
Okay track. Quite slow, but nevertheless a good addition to the album. We doubt if this song would thrive as a single , but then Kiss Daniel has proved to us that his tracks can grow on us. Reminds one of raba( A track he was featured on) in a way.
This is song has an unusual and funny intro. It Has Subtle and rhythmic instrumentals . Talks about the dangers of selfishness and the goods generosity holds. A decent addition to the album.
14)Kiss me
A good track from Kiss Daniel, this guy can definitely deliver hit tracks all year round ! Good song from Kiss daniel who seems to be rebranding himself as Vado.
15)Sin city
Another masterkraft tune! He tries to relay a message that everyone makes mistakes and no one is a saint. He also subtly tells us he doesn’t do “kush” which is also says might be hard to believe but is thetruth

6)Upon me ft sugarboi
Rhythmic song for the girls! A Kiss Daniel Trade mark, he certainly has the right lyrics to thrill girls . He engages sugarboi once again to help him deliver on this track

The Song many claim to have made Kiss Daniel. This was the song that brought this singer to lime light. Awesome melody,  totally danceable and melodious. Beautiful addition to the album, would have simply been incomplete without it!
Quite a number of the track titles are an iteration of titles we have heard on the album before.  Duro, reminds us of a hit song by Tekno but doesn’t sound like it. Both of them are great songs in their own rights. He also borrows a line from Davido’s Ekuro on this one. Good track
19)All God
A young jon production! You already know it’s going to be a Lovely production.  He gives praise to God for his successes so far and tells us he believes he would be around for a long time! Talks about his journey so far and what the future holds

20)Nothing dey
A wonderful way to end the album. Lovely vocals , good instrumentals . He expresses his distaste for the judgemental atitudes of the world.  And that he is allowed to do whatever he deems fit. While this is true, let us all remember to do what we feel deep down in our conscience is right or wrong!
A brilliant album from an exceptional Artiste. He has definately come to bring A new era to the nigerian music scene

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Overall Vexscheworld Album rating : 4.0 / 5

Review by The Vexscheworld review Panel

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