Kolade Pelumi is set to release his debut collection of poems under entertainment label @vexscheworld. He has decided to release it as a free e book in order to get as many people as possible to lay their hands on the book

Here is the official book cover

Love diary by kolade pelumi is a project meant to depict experiences of a young boy as he waddles through the world of girls , feelings and butterfly fluttering stomachs.

It hits the internet  on the 28th of January, 2017 !!

Join the conversation on the internet with the hash tag #lovediarybykoladepelumi

It consists of 15 poems, 10 pictures and a short story.




A splash of green, a touch of blue
Tint it with red, add a layer of glue
Oil, Wax, or water
Mix it all on a platter
Canvas, Stone or Ice
Deal with them with whatever device 
Human, Animal or inanimate
A haphazard mix of shapes that do not relate
Some say it looks like a bird
Others say it’s color is like turd
Some don’t even get the meaning 
Others look at it with yearning
To the troubled, inner peace 
To the critic, it shall suffice 
To the wealthy, let’s fulfil our part


Such is the crazy world of Art!.


Muraina feranmi writes for Vexscheworld
Twitter : Prodigy001
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Friends forever , Poetry by Kolade Pelumi

When I gaze into your eyes
I feel as free as the flies
I don’t mind being forever trapped in that moment
Because in it, I am contentYour voice is incredible
It touches my very soul
To you it may sound gullible
But I tell you, it makes me whole

With you I feel proud
It seems like my head is in the clouds
Your company brings me true joy
I feel like a baby that just got a new toy

Roses are a beauty
But fade when compared to you
Come let’s sign a treaty
Friends forever me and you.

A Vexscheworld Original Poem by Kolade Pelumi


Over the supple green hills
And across the sawdust fields of the sawmills
Skipped along with delightful mirth
A girl with a yellow skirt

A tin of oil said her mother and an ounce of cabbage
And some anchovies to garnish the porridge
And make sure I find no dirt
On that pretty yellow skirt

Do not talk to strangers on the way
Lest your pretty little head they swiftly sway
Said her father with the clean loose shirt
To the girl with the yellow skirt

So delighted was she that she missed her step
Into the mud she fell before she could call for help
Her knee smarted and she knew she was hurt
An injured girl with a yellow skirt

My ma will be upset and cross as can be
And I can’t even stand because of my knee
With despair, tears from her eyes squirt
This helpless girl with the yellow skirt

O stranger, kind stranger, help a hurt little girl
And my papa will give you so much gold your head will whirl
This stranger carried and took her to his yurt
This disobedient girl with the yellow skirt

The green hills, the sawmills, they all searched
And every possible place she could have branched
I remember said her mother  how I cried at her birth
And now all I have left is a yellow skirt

By: Prodigy (@prodeegee)

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Hidden Treasures

I stood and looked
Looked at her
Or was it at me?

I looked and saw
Saw in her
Or was it in me?

Something about to unfold
A story waiting to be told  Of great achievements untold
To every female who knows great things lie within her

By ohizzz (G_ohiz)


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Reflections…. a poem by Kolade Pelumi

I was just thinking, in a rather melancholic mood. Reflecting on the recent killings and war that surrounds us.
I decided to pour my heart out on paper, I let my art take control of my heart. I tittled my poem reflections


 My heart is heavy laden
The thoughts of soldiers fallen
My tears, streaming freely
Down a channel of pitiful weary

How i wish we all knew
To end this senseless feud
Now, on the bare floor they lay
Patiently waiting to decay

What have we to gain
After the deaths of our brothers
All that is left is pain
And the wailing of mothers!

 by kolade oluwapelumi (dricks009)

Disclaimer : Image does not belong to

I did not write this poem for your enjoyment, neither did I write it for your satisfaction, I wrote it for your reflections.

let us reflect on the fact that we are all living in a restricted frame of time, the people around us are our neighbors during our life time. we should strive to make the world an enjoyable place for one another. there is no sense in Hostility. Should everyone regret the fact that you came in their life time?

let us reflect deeply, let’s live meaningful lives. you only live once (YOLO)!!!!!!!!!