Belloved by Korede Bello ( The Vexscheworld review)

Korede Bello, graced the world with his debut Album on the 11th of march 2017 and as one of Nigeria’s hottest young artistes , it  was only natural that his album was one of the most anticipated for the year 2017. He names the album Belloved, and dedicates it to his fans. Vexscheworld’s Kolade Pelumi dives in to scrutinize every song on the album. Read his scintillating review below, and see the overall VW rating too.

  1. Korede

Well, when you are releasing your debut album, you are at liberty to indulge in naming one of the tracks after yourself 🙂 . On this track Korede let’s us know that all that comes with becoming a famous musician has not changed him. He also hints us a bit about his peaceful nature, and how much he is grateful for all that has happened in his life thus far. He wishes his fans all the good that has happened to him in life!

2. Oh baybe

This is an up beat tune  that you can have your body dancing without any conscious effort.  The trumpets crooning in the background of this song also adds a special effect to the song.  On this track , he is basically singing about dancing with a girl, which is cute. He also shows us he has been taking a few lessons in foreign languages :). Good song.

3. Repete

Ok, so Korede basically eases into this particular song bragging about his MEGA status, and how he is a fine boy ( Bless the lord some of us are also fine too) . On this tune, He is singing about reciprocating love received . He is exploring his romantic side , and trying to reinforce his status as Africa’s Mr Romantic

4. Butterfly

This is another feel good tune , and is another song addressing a lover. Well, as a young boys , how many other things do we think about right ? Also, when you label a song butterfly, you have to make it as beautiful as the butterfly , and korede tries to do just that. It has a lovely melody. sweet tune.

  1. Let him go

This song starts with a tune I am familiar with and I can tell immediately that it is a Don Jazzy production . They both make efforts to make this song special. This song helps to encourage women under the tyranny of men who do not appreciate the eves in their lives. Nice tune, awesome message.

  1. My People

This song starts very strong with heavy beats!! He uses this track to appreciate people in his life helping him to achieve his dreams.  One thing peculiar to a number of korede bello songs is his reference to popular quotes and sayings, you would recognize the slightly famous Yoruba quote “ Somebody tun le se……..” but with a twist. He simply iterates the fact that his people are here to help him and not destroy him. dope tune

  1. If you smile

Yet another  song  dedicated to a lover. He links up with Baby Fresh to make another lovely addition to the album. You would also notice another popular yooruba quote, “ pekele pekele Arugbo Je gbese”. He obviously wants to infuse his culture into his work. slick jam.

8. Young Presido

Guess what? Apparently,  One of the perks of releasing your debut album is that You also get to feel like a Don. This song starts off in a royal like tune. And Korede introduces us to what he would love to addressed as , YOUNG PRESIDO. A lovely Don Jazzy tune!!!

9. Favorite song

It’s Cobhams !!!! on the beat, and you already know what to expect, nothing but beauty. Truth be told, I would have loved to see more of these kinds of songs on the album ! But I know there is the fear of what would make waves in the Nigerian music world, but then, sometimes people do not know what they want until you show them!

10. Good time ft Bellovers

It’s cute to see that the only feature on this album are his bellovers and they bring a special effect to the track , a truly beautiful tune !!!! . He explained at his album listening that he wanted to show that Nigerian youths do not always engage in terrible vices, but sometimes just want to have a good time!

11. Ese baba

A lovely note to end this beautiful collection, He explains that all he has achieved and experienced has been as a result of God !! You would also notice his inclusion of the popular Pual play dairo quote “ Aye mi dara , mowa  dupe ” .

Bonus Tracks :

Korede treats us to some of his hits , as bonus tracks , We enjoy the famous Godwin, Romantic and his recent world banger, Do like that!!!!

This Album is a beautiful piece of work as Korede tries to create something special for his bellovers and for youths at large. While we may not have any stand out monster hits  on the new collection of songs like his GODWIN, we  have a truly brilliant album!

My personal favorites on this album would be Good time ft Bellovers , and Favorite song !!


Review by Kolade











Love diary by Kolade Pelumi

Kolade Pelumi releases his highly anticipated debut poetry collection. Kindly download below , and share with your friends. Use the #lovediarybykoladepelumi on social media

NOTE :This book can be shared ELECTRONICALLY ONLY! No part of this book may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.





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Vexscheworld’s Classic hits of 2016

In a world where hope is in short supply but high demand , Vexscheworld as usual  has decided to take a look and highlight the hit songs that struck a special chord within us and gave us a reason to smile during the year !

Although, 2016 was a peculiar year, we had a lot of good songs with awesome beats and not so strong messages. However, these are the ones that get our coveted emblems.

1.Pray for me – Darey

Lovely tune woven with solemn instrumentals.  The soothing feel of Darey’s voice tugs at  your mind softly as you travel gently through the course of the song . He featured the Soweto Gospel Choir to produce this beauty.

It has a relevant message which is  similar to that of the prodigal son from the Bible.  A young man goes against the will of  his father and ventures off on his own to the city  and asks his dad to PRAY FOR HIM even though he did not do as he (the dad) commanded!! Dope tune !

2.Reekado Banks – Oluwa ni

Roll the drums and let the spotlight shine on Solomon Hanniel Ayoleyi…. Yeah we are talking  talking about Reekado Banks. His song “Oluwa ni” was a massive tune in 2016, it was released after the widely viewed and most controversial outburst between his Label boss, Don Jazzy and YBNL boss Olamide at the 2015 headies

This is not to imply in anyway that the beef fueled the success of the song but “Oluwa ni” was actually a great hit. The intro alone is capable of getting you off your seat. He really delivered to us a gbedu wey dey burst brain! The song has a simple message , that God is involved!!!!

3.Kiss Daniel-Mama
G-worldwide act, kiss Daniel came up to many as a one-hit wonder but he proved to everyone that he was here to stay with the release of A smashiiiiiing debut album. The new era. There is hardly a song on the track list you would want to skip for the other. However,  “mama” stood out . Being the most searched Nigerian song on Google this year, it has stamped itself as a wedding hit and a certified hit of 2016 all at once. Also, because of it’s strong love themed message , it earns it’s place as a vexscheworld classic hit!


Tekno’s Pana is a typical example of saving the best for the last. It was released towards the end of the year and immediately became a smash hit capturing the hearts of Africans and beyond. From the catchy beat to it’s equally catchy intro, we still can’t define what Pana is and means but it sure rocked in 2016.

Tekno was definitely one of the biggest artistes of 2016, delivering hits, back to back!! The question however remains. Will he be able to pull off a debut Smash Album!! . He has a single currently blazing airwaves , now Titled Diana. Tekno and his na – na – na sha 🙂 🙂

5. Phyno ft Olamide – Fada Fada

Anytime the duo of Olamide and Phyno pair up on a track you can be sure of a monster hit. Fada fada was hailed as the ghetto gospel song and it stood up to it’s description. It basically became an anthem in the streets, offering joy to the people who cherished it’s sound!

Because of it’s popularity, and the grateful message it has running through it’s fabrics, it earns it’s status as a VW classic hit of 2016!

6.Adekunle Gold – Pick up

Adekunle Gold treated  the world to his debut album within the year, dubbed GOLD. The album was a solemn one, with classic tunes, however there were no major hits like many people had hoped. It was a classic album however. Pick up was released late in 2015, but made waves in 2016. It was also released with the album Gold!

7. Soldier (Falz ft Simi)

Falz and Simi both had an awesome 2016! But this song was the highlight of their year. They showed off the kind of musical chemistry we have not seen in the Nigerian music industry before ! Soldier is characterized with creative lines and awesome instrumentals

Read our full review here



1.Aduke by Tjan

Aduke is a classic love tune by Tjan! , If you have not heard this song, treat yourself to great music and download ! It is doing well as a wedding special

2. Wait for me by Johhny Drille

Talk about making new strides  and bringing fresh sound to the Nigerian music in the music industry, Johhny drille offers light to a new school of beautiful music!

3.Smile (Shaydee)

Did not make a lot of waves as one would expect, however, shaydee deals us a classic tune in smile. TRuly lovely tune, with awesome instrumentals!


4.Eleko –mayorkun

Davido music worldwide signee hopped on to the music hit with this massive tune. Which simply thanks people who have had his back in the past . It was solidly assisted by a good rhythm and quality production! He had most of the country crooning to his hook!! And made everybody’s mother an eleko seller by default!

5.Skin- Tight – Mr Eazi

Mreazi introduces us to easy music . He is arguably the most promising act for 2016! , Skin tight was a solemn tune that promises love even in hard situations. Similar to what adekunle gold did with Orente. The whole world anticipates his debut studio album , Life is Eazi!!


REVIEW BY ABIMBOLA ADENMOSUN >>>>> (Follow on twitter)

Abimbola Adenmosun is a vexscheworld reviewer and Writer, she is currently studying at the University of Ibadan Nigeria.


KOLADE PELUMI >>>>> (Follow on twitter)

Kolade Pelumi is the creative Director of vexscheworld. He is a writer , poet , guitarist. He is currently rounding up a degree in Civil Engineering at the federal university of agriculture abeokuta .


#LoveDiary by Kolade Pelumi hits cyberspace early next year !!!!!!

Chemistry EP – The VW review

We had kept our reviews on a low , but when Falz and Simi , drop an EP …. You already know we have to pick up the Pen! What is more interesting is that they titled this CHEMISTRY!!!!!! Lol. Personally I’m cut between whether this is a promotional stunt , or if they have both decided to accept the fact that there is some real chemistry going on with each other ! lol. I’m not one to say if it is love, but their music chemistry is AMAZING!!! , they have worked on magical tracks together !! Soldier is a certified vexscheworld Hit , (Read our review of Falz’s  Album (stories that touch) here) .

Chemistry is a project that addresses the on going rumors going around!! Many people feel that Falz and Simi look good together , and  have hinted that they were together in a romantic relationship , but both of them were always quick to deny that something was going on between the two of them!

It seems they both decided to give us a show !!!!!…. this time a musical show , and beautiful pictures to go with it!  Since really, that is what we all want !!! But then, this raises a few eyebrows as we all know something also went down between Simi and fellow music star Adekunle Gold! At vexscheworld, we had even relatively concluded at a time that they were going out.

It would seem that the chemistry between Falz and Simi is not balancing the equation for adekunleGold!  But then , really it is all talk!! Only time would tell what really is going on here !

What we know for a fact is that Simi has a good relationship between Herself , Falz and Adekunle Gold ,( Simi mixed almost all the tracks on Adekunle Gold’s debut album , read our review here ). Who bae really is? We can’t say for now!!! , Maybe Bae is even another [person entirely…. Say me!!!  , We can’t say ooooooo



When Falz and Simi are on a track! All you get really is MAGIC!, now Imagine an entire EP!!!! Simi’s voice will swift through your mind like cool water flowing easily down a calm stream and Falz comes on like a beautiful boat with perfect lyrical goodies on the stream to complete a perfect scenery!


Suspected Image for track foreign culled from IG: @Falzthebahdguy

Suspected Image for track foreign culled from IG: @Falzthebahdguy

Here Falz and Simi enter a rather funny and sarcastic tone! Making Jest of fake people that try to form “tush”and “posh”. They make witty and typical lines from these people! Simi’s Voice on the chorus was beautiful , and Falz accompanied her with his ever witty interjections and lovely verses !




Delivery – 0.8


Production – 0.8

Overall rating – 4.2/5



Suspected Image for Track: Shake your body culled from IG : @Falzthebahdguy

This is a feel good tune, which has simi singing alone for the first 2 : 08 minutes about having a good time dancing . Falz then comes in with his witty lines and the rest is history !




Delivery – 0.8


Production – 0.8

Overall rating – 4.0/5



Suspected Image for Track: Enough culled from IG : @Falzthebahdguy

Suspected Image for Track: Enough culled from IG : @Falzthebahdguy

Here , we have Simi crooning  beautiful lyrics to say that her lover’s love is enough for her! It is a perfect song for people who are married are in their relationship together is now for better for worse!  Falz’s Lines were forever dope on this one too




Delivery – 0.9


Production – 0.8

Overall rating – 4.0/5



Suspected Image for Track: Chemistry culled from IG : @Falzthebahdguy

Suspected Image for Track: Chemistry culled from IG : @Falzthebahdguy

The obvious headliner of the album !!! Falz and Simi have perfectly recreated the MAGIC we saw on Soldier and Jamb question (the remix). The song starts off with soft instrumentals, a little bit of the piano , and good percussion!  Simi’s first verse , moves from denial , to accept that their might actually be something here!

Falz witty lines and Simi’s Golden voice  makes this track an obvious beauty !!

Favorite line : “If dem want am make we give them a show ”




Delivery – 0.9


Production – 0.9

Overall rating – 4.5/5



Suspected Image for Track: Show you pepper culled from IG : @Falzthebahdguy

Suspected Image for Track: Show you pepper culled from IG : @Falzthebahdguy

This is the song for people who feel jilted by their lovers !! And they believe they want to show their lovers plenty Pepper!!!




Delivery – 0.8


Production – 0.8

Overall rating – 4.1/5



Suspected Image for Track: Cinderella culled from IG : @Falzthebahdguy

Suspected Image for Track: Cinderella culled from IG : @Falzthebahdguy

This is another feel good track !! Talking about a beautiful girl, which is quite evident !! it is titled CINDERELLA




Delivery – 0.9


Production – 0.8

Overall rating – 4.2/5



Suspected Image for Track: Want to culled from IG : @Falzthebahdguy

Suspected Image for Track: Want to culled from IG : @Falzthebahdguy

Nice and Tidy lyrics , beautiful chorus !!! A decent track




Delivery – 0.9


Production – 0.8

Overall rating – 4.1/5


Overall Album Review

>>>>> 4.2/5



PROMO Image for Love Diary by Kolade PElumi

PROMO Image for Love Diary by Kolade Pelumi


STELLAR YOUTH (August edition)

The Bees Ng is one of the fastest growing media brands in the country. We engaged the C.E.O of the bees ng , Mr Ogunsanya Oluwafemi in a very insightful interview. He shared with us some tips and insights as to what makes the brand a major success.

Read , and be inspired!

1)Tell us a bit about yourself and your background 

My name is Ogunsanya Oluwafemi, I am the first of four children in the Ogunsanya family. I finished my primary education at Kings Kiddies Nursery and Primary School and had my secondary education at Illupeju College. I am presently a 400L student of Federal University Of Agriculture Abeokuta studying Animal Breeding And Genetics.

2) Tell us what drives you every morning, What makes you tick?

Every morning, before saying my prayers at times; I remember my mum’s word (she has always believe in me right from my 100L days. Her words of “Oluwafemi I know you’re different,and you’re unique right from birth.) This became part of me and has affected my passion to make a difference in my generation. So in a nut shell, I wake up every morning with a drive to make a difference wherever I find myself.

Her words of “Oluwafemi I know you’re different,and you’re unique right from birth.)

3) What exactly is the bees all about?

The Bees Nigeria is a platform where creative and talented minds come together to create a media and entertainment world that informs, creates media awareness for event, brand awareness, cover events, manage talents and most importantly bring out the best in every BEE.

4)How did the bees start out

I started The Bees with the sole aim of making a difference and informing my fellow student of what’s happening around the school and the world at large. I started out with four (4) of my friends, we all wanted to start something, we were tired of the normal school life. I can remember back then when I’ll stay up all night outside my room with my friends building the website, my friends turned bloggers over-night and i turned to a website designer and a content creator too! (Lol). We never had any formal lessons tho and they were never our hobbies. The Bees as most people know it was formerly BUSSY BEES. Here’s a brief story about the name,one night my friends and I were strolling down to our hostel, prior to that day we’ve been thinking of different names to give it, fortunately one of my friend said BUSSY BEES; reason being we were always busy every night trying to fix the site, get content and brain storm together. Looking at the BESS too,they are always busy making honey or busy protecting their queen, and the outcome of the honey is always sweet; so we believed the outcome of BUSSYBEES will be sweet. This story won’t be complete without me mentioning the CEO of NGScholars, he stood by me and my friends. The name BUSSYBEES was change to The Bees Nigeria after our one (1) year anniversary.

we were always busy every night trying to fix the site ,get content and brain storm together.

5)What obstacles do you currently face at the bees.

Uhm! I’ll say our present obstacle is our need for some gadgets to make our job easier, faster and to bring the best out in every Bee.

6)What would you say your best moment with the bees is?

Well, I don’t have a best moment for now as every moment with my team member have been awesome.

7) Where do you see the bees in the next 5 years

Words can’t really explain my vision for The Bees in the next five (5) years. But I’ll say I see The Bees as a multi-national company.

8) If you were not C.E.O of the bees, what other thing would likely be doing

I’ll either be a software engineer, a programmer or a project manager. These are where my other strengths lies. As for my hobbies, I love hanging out with friends playing table tennis and chatting.

9) How many team members do you have at the bees currently

The Bees have 15 team members and we’re presently planning on recruiting more members.

10) What advice do you have for someone looking to follow in your footsteps.

The first thing you have to do is to believe in yourself, even before you start up anything. Don’t wait for appraisal from anybody, look for experienced people in your field, get close to them and let then know you need their help. I also made Google my friend, I learnt and took so many course through the help of Google (Leadership, Digital Marketing, Social Media Branding etc). Lastly, I’ll say wherever you find yourself, make yourself indispensable, it is very important!

The first thing you have to do is to believe in yourself, even before you start up anything.

11) Do you have any embarrassing moments in your life you would like to share with us

Mehn, this was one of my embarrassing day. Along that colfhec road, my jean got hooked up in a piece of iron and got torn from my lap down to my knee cap. It wasn’t really funny that day as I can’t even remember how I got to my hostel.
Kind Regards

Founder, The Bees Nigeria
Thanks for taking time to read this issue of our stellar youth series.
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Vexscheworld Review – THE GOLD ALBUM

We are sorry this is coming a bit late, we were upgrading our site to serve you better, making the switch from Blogger to wordpress , we are not completely done yet, but then, we couldn’t hold this review any longer, soooooo TAKE IT!!!!`:)

1)Gold (intro)

This was the perfect introduction to the Album, Adekunle bares his mind on his travails so far in life and why he decided to name the album GOLD. The instrumentals caress our senses into a soothing trance and for 1 minute and 18 seconds we are in tune with his journey!!

2)My life

We are introduced to this golden album with a high tempo , high life rhythmic kind of music. He gives us a similar groove to what we had previously heard on ready. He talks to people who hate on him and breaks it to them that he doesn’t have their time. He also let’s us know that God’s got him. The instrumentals, percussion , trumpets on this song is worthy of note

3)Beautiful Night

One of my favorite tracks off the album, Lovely and solemn instrumentals. It is a song ideal for serenading a lady under the moonlight with the stars perfectly lit. He tells his lady to let them make use of the night and make the best use of it. Adekunle Gold deals us a beauty on this track.


The second song after sade which made us confirm that Adekunle Gold was the truth!  See our previous review of Orente here.  Solemn instrumentals.

5) Nurse Alabere

The first thing that strikes your attention in this song is it’s rhythm. solemn song, carefully passing across it’s message. He sings the song in his local dialect ÿoruba” which is typical of Adekunle Gold. The song is about reject and remorse and regret.  His lover has given up on him and he has become dejected. Beautiful addition to the album

6) Friend zone

The comical relief of the album. It is a song where a guy makes his intentions completely clear to his lover that they are not just FRIENDS, but he wants to be more than friends . Beautiful rhythm !!! the instrumentalists on this Album have  delivered  well  so far.


This album is simply Classic. This particular song makes you feel like you are listening to a cold play track but in an African way! This track got me grinning from teeth to teeth. He claims that the love he has for his lover makes him feel lost in paradise and he never wants to return home.

8)No forget ft Simi

I called this song my favorite track even before listening to the album because it had @symplysimi on it , she is too awesome. We might just write a review on her alone soon. By the way her album would be FIRE!!!! . Beautiful combination (@dekunleGold x @symplysimi). It is song about the commitment of lovers , they tell each other not to forget about the love they have for each other.

9)Pick up

One of the oldies on the album. This song has already been successful and has been on the lips of everybody, both the young and old. We all want the lord to pick up our calls. Lovely percussion on the song.


If you listen to the song with head phones you would notice how they were switching beats from the left to right listening pieces. I found that interesting. Lovely message on this song, telling the world to double their hustle and stop living fake lives! This goes to everyone employing get rich quick schemes , instead getting straight down to work!


This album has been cool so far, just solemn instrumentals and this song just takes us into the mood further with it’s soothing instrumentals.

12)Ariwo ko

This song practically explains the entire album! He did not shout at all on the previous songs and the album has been brilliant. He was all about the content! Also, Simi’s echoing voice is to die for !!!! Ariwo ko is a Yoruba word that means “It is not noise”

13)Fight for you

Beautiful song! Lovely rhythm. The album has been simply awesome so far. This song is a pledge by a love bitten guy to fight for his lover


Another oldie. Here a lover is professing his desire to find love. He says that he has heard that to everyone  there is a perfect match and that he also wants to find love!

15)sweet me!

Another high life tune with beautiful instrumentals. This song carefully leads us towards the end of a classic and stunning album! Beautiful songs . This track was produced by masterkraft


This was the song that fired Adekunle gold into  lime light. A cover of one directions’s  story of my life. Adekunle rendered a timeless song, it made @vexscheworld’s classic hits of 2015! My personal favourite adekunle gold song.



Overall rating – 4.0/5

Worthy of Note : Simi mixed and mastered all the tracks on this album except for Sade!! view the track list below

Track list the Gold Album





The association of Civil engineering students (ACES) Funaab chapter, cordially invites all stakeholders of the federal university of agriculture Abeokuta to their association week.

Activities are as follows

Monday – Awareness (CVE frontage

Tuesday – quiz competition

Wednesday – 4th annual Civil Engineering conference.

Promises to be so much fun

7 Years – Lukas Graham ( THE VW REVIEW) and lyrics



Lukas graham  is a music band whose lead singer is also named  Lukas graham , other members include  drummer Mark Falgren, bassist Magnus Larsson, and keyboardist Kasper Daugaard. They have garnered quality international presence with tracks like seven years and mama said. To learn more about Lukas Graham go to this link.

Seven years was released in September 2015 and since then has been climbing up on charts and its video content receiving millions of views on social media



The song contains beautiful and narrative lyrics, talks about growing up fast and taking the chances that come with different stages of life. The song reminds us to make friends while we are young, also chase our dreams as we develop into older versions of ourselves.

The song also expresses hopes of a wonderful future. The song was beautifully crafted with subtle instrumentals guaranteed to get you thinking.

This song will definitely steer you in making some right decisions in case you have not been making many J.

The lyrics of this song speaks for itself. See lyrics after Rating.


Vexscheworld Rating



Delivery – 0.8


Production – 0.8

Overall rating – 4.0/5


Enjoy the lyrics below


Meet Dottmannbricks
Multi talented ace,  @dottmannbricks is a rising star you definitely do not want to ignore
His birth name is Oyesomi Dotun and he is a Civil engineering student in 500l studying at the prestigious Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta. (FUNAAB). 
He released his debut single billionaire song three years ago and was very well received,  his fans loved it so much. 
He is an exceptional song writer guaranteed to bring Nigeria on the music map of the world.  
He has released several successful mix tracks such as I’m Alive,  wings clipped and magic crush.  
He is super talented on the guitar also.  He is a brilliant artist,  and he writes beautifully too.  
He also produces songs digitally. 
He is a bag of talent. 
He is currently under the management of Vexsche music
Follow him on IG : @dottmannbricks
He is working on new tracks at the moment.
Watch out for #GOBE



It all started pretty well at Stade de France in Paris, on a Sunday night—the 10th day of July, 2016. It was a UEFA EURO final; much had been said of the match before the D-day. When the time came
for the Portuguese side to recite their national anthem, Cristiano was the only player to close his eyes while reciting it passionately. The night was a very big night. It was even slated the biggest stage for Cristiano to make his mark. He, as well as his teammates, had suffered and persisted to get that far in the tournament. There was no going back, they must do all they can to cement their names in history. Hopes were high, the expectations were massive; the world could feel that a special event was unfolding.

The game got underway and the crowd cheered rapturously. Everything went just fine, absolutely everything, that is, except on the stroke of 9 minutes of playing time when [Dimitri] Payet, the French forward, engineered an awkward tackle on Ronaldo who subsequently went down, I immediately knew something wasn’t right, theatrics was uncharacteristic of Cristiano Ronaldo, he’s evolved beyond that. I saw the challenge, Payet hit Ronnie’s ankle with intent and even trailed him as he fell. Ouchie! The medics came to attend to Ronaldo who clutched his knee region with pain. I was hoping everything would be alright. I’m sure several other million fans all over the world hoped same because they most likely want to see the football superstar in action. He was briefly taken off the pitch to be treated before he came back on. I noticed something about his pace, his gait; Ronaldo wasn’t feeling too well. He was taken to the side-lines again for further treatment by the medics. Few seconds later, the superstar returned back to the field of play trying to manage a few more playing time after encouragement from his teammates. He didn’t want to give up easily, that was definitely not a moment to crack under pressure.

He’d prayed, and practiced, and waited for that particular night. He had been tipped by many to shine on this stage and make a lasting mark on his national football career. Unfortunately, this wasn’t to be; at least not in the way many expected. With visible pain he suddenly stripped himself of the captain armband, and sat on the floor frustrated and pitiful. The legend could not continue any further and was stretchered off. The scene was unpalatable for me, for everyone who knows a thing or two about football or are at least human. He wept; the world’s best player sobbed hysterically. His tears were quite understandable; his tournament was effectively over, and the realisation of this fact got me emotional.

I remember in year 2004, 12 years back when he was inconsolable after his team lost the UEFA EURO final to then unlikely champion, Greece, on their home soil. I also remembered how Lionel Messi, an equally extraordinary player, cried after his team lost on the biggest stage in National football for the umpteenth time. Oh drat! “Why does these tear-provoking mishaps happen to football’s best especially in finals?” I asked myself. Of course the game wasn’t decided yet but it was no football, it was no befitting final anymore; the game would never be the same without the commanding presence of Cristiano Ronaldo on the pitch. I was left distraught. Payet could have made a less-strong tackle on Cristiano Ronaldo! “I cannot see my son in this mood [crying]. The game is meant to kick a ball, not to hurt opponents” tweeted Dolores Aveiro, Ronnie’s mom, moments after the gory incident. Ronnie was carried away from the pitch on a stretcher straight into the dressing room. I had never seen him leave the pitch in such a condition before.

As a matter of fact, from the very moment of that awkward contact with Payet, I told the people I was watching the game with that the contact was abnormal but they wouldn’t have it. Instead, they strongly affirmed the contrary. I’m not sure whether they were small-minded or hated Ronaldo but they claimed it was a minor injury and that the tackle wasn’t uncommon in football. Well, maybe they were right logically but pressing further they were wrong when they criticised the emotions with which I defended Cristiano’s dilemma saying “he doesn’t even know me, I had never seen him in real life except only on the screen; I may never see him till I die.” They got their argument very wrong! It was neither about me nor was it about being a crazy diehard fan…it was about being human, it was about not being heartless, and it was about having feelings for a fellow human being considering what they passed through.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a great person, a philanthropist, a motivator, my personal inspiration and eternal idol; no doubt. If anyone deserves care, affection, respect and protection in football and in life generally, it had to be him. He surely deserves protection on the pitch. I mean I’ll just go ahead and raise a campaign that the game’s world’s best players need to be more protected by the officiating referees and FIFA. This campaign might appear sentimental to some but I’ve seen Ronaldo hacked down in advanced positions and left in a heap while the offender didn’t get booked, not even a warning. It’s so unfortunate.

Back to the storyline. At half time, Ronaldo allegedly orchestrated a motivational pep-talk with his teammates and the simple act of leadership would prove decisive. What gladdens me most is that he came back to the dugouts after receiving treatments to support his teammates when they needed him most. At that moment, he was just one out of 11 million Portuguese who could only look on as 11 men do battle on the pitch against a France team that stood strongly between them and victory. But Ronaldo would not have it easily; with an understandably red face (which was due to the fact that he’d been crying), a broken ankle which culminated in a limping stride, and an unbelievable passion, he rose to the side-line beside coach Fernando Santos to provide the only help he could offer: motivation. It ultimately paid off as they eventually clinched the title anyway.

Taking a slight detour to go down the memory lane, I can recall when Ronaldo was saddled with a fresh responsibility of leading his national team, he would adapt brilliantly and fast with the role and the statistics and results are there to show for it. Also, Ronaldo once professed that he wouldn’t want to be a coach after calling time on his football career but would rather choose to live as a king and spend more quality time with his family. On this particular night Ronaldo, although not yet appointed as a coach, adapted pretty well to the unorthodox role and even made a few utterances to the on-field players! His facial expressions while doing so were priceless. I could say he was an entertainer as he spurred on the crowd and lifted the spirits in the stadium. A couple of weeks back his agent, Jorge Mendes, claimed that “Ronaldo would excel in any sport, he is unique”. I’d go further and say “Ronaldo would excel at anything in life and he’d be the best.” Sometimes I ask myself “how would anyone not love this man; this incredible creature of inspiration with several good qualities?” He’s such a darling. I read that he assured Eder, a Portuguese striker, that he will get the winning goal after he was substituted on and it happened. Motivational talks like that were characteristic of the Real Madrid and Portugal talisman. Cristiano Ronaldo, after Portugal’s semi-final win over Wales said concerning the UEFA EURO 2016 championship trophy, “I deserve it. The boys deserve it. The fans deserve it. The people of Portugal deserves it.” “The whole team has dreamed of their brilliant triumph in France from the very first match,” he claimed.

I have always classified Ronaldo as a perfect example to follow when one wants to excel in life. He’s never afraid to dream. He never settles for less. He always wants more. He always wants to improve. He ultimately wants to be the best, and he definitely is. I can vividly recall a gala in Zurich during one of the prestigious Ballon d’Or ceremony, a little boy came on stage to ask Ronaldo this question “how can I become a very good player like you?” and Ronaldo, ever the professional, with sincerity in his eyes and an adorable sense of humour replied saying “Well, not gonna be easy…it’s just to be yourself, work very hard and to be humble.” That response was greeted with loud applause by the audience. Yes, that was surely a great advice. The born-winner had spoken and his words might just be what you need to achieve greatly in your own life as well; be it in academics, or business, or religion or anywhere for that matter.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a phenomenon and is in a league of his own. His story is an amazing one, a dream come true…another match, another final, a first international trophy, a sealed fourth Ballon d’Or in the sack for the Portuguese star! Legend.

Written by Aiyedum Babatunde
Twitter: @iamolmighty
Instagram: @midesweet