Belloved by Korede Bello ( The Vexscheworld review)

Korede Bello, graced the world with his debut Album on the 11th of march 2017 and as one of Nigeria’s hottest young artistes , it  was only natural that his album was one of the most anticipated for the year 2017. He names the album Belloved, and dedicates it to his fans. Vexscheworld’s Kolade Pelumi dives in to scrutinize every song on the album. Read his scintillating review below, and see the overall VW rating too.

  1. Korede

Well, when you are releasing your debut album, you are at liberty to indulge in naming one of the tracks after yourself 🙂 . On this track Korede let’s us know that all that comes with becoming a famous musician has not changed him. He also hints us a bit about his peaceful nature, and how much he is grateful for all that has happened in his life thus far. He wishes his fans all the good that has happened to him in life!

2. Oh baybe

This is an up beat tune  that you can have your body dancing without any conscious effort.  The trumpets crooning in the background of this song also adds a special effect to the song.  On this track , he is basically singing about dancing with a girl, which is cute. He also shows us he has been taking a few lessons in foreign languages :). Good song.

3. Repete

Ok, so Korede basically eases into this particular song bragging about his MEGA status, and how he is a fine boy ( Bless the lord some of us are also fine too) . On this tune, He is singing about reciprocating love received . He is exploring his romantic side , and trying to reinforce his status as Africa’s Mr Romantic

4. Butterfly

This is another feel good tune , and is another song addressing a lover. Well, as a young boys , how many other things do we think about right ? Also, when you label a song butterfly, you have to make it as beautiful as the butterfly , and korede tries to do just that. It has a lovely melody. sweet tune.

  1. Let him go

This song starts with a tune I am familiar with and I can tell immediately that it is a Don Jazzy production . They both make efforts to make this song special. This song helps to encourage women under the tyranny of men who do not appreciate the eves in their lives. Nice tune, awesome message.

  1. My People

This song starts very strong with heavy beats!! He uses this track to appreciate people in his life helping him to achieve his dreams.  One thing peculiar to a number of korede bello songs is his reference to popular quotes and sayings, you would recognize the slightly famous Yoruba quote “ Somebody tun le se……..” but with a twist. He simply iterates the fact that his people are here to help him and not destroy him. dope tune

  1. If you smile

Yet another  song  dedicated to a lover. He links up with Baby Fresh to make another lovely addition to the album. You would also notice another popular yooruba quote, “ pekele pekele Arugbo Je gbese”. He obviously wants to infuse his culture into his work. slick jam.

8. Young Presido

Guess what? Apparently,  One of the perks of releasing your debut album is that You also get to feel like a Don. This song starts off in a royal like tune. And Korede introduces us to what he would love to addressed as , YOUNG PRESIDO. A lovely Don Jazzy tune!!!

9. Favorite song

It’s Cobhams !!!! on the beat, and you already know what to expect, nothing but beauty. Truth be told, I would have loved to see more of these kinds of songs on the album ! But I know there is the fear of what would make waves in the Nigerian music world, but then, sometimes people do not know what they want until you show them!

10. Good time ft Bellovers

It’s cute to see that the only feature on this album are his bellovers and they bring a special effect to the track , a truly beautiful tune !!!! . He explained at his album listening that he wanted to show that Nigerian youths do not always engage in terrible vices, but sometimes just want to have a good time!

11. Ese baba

A lovely note to end this beautiful collection, He explains that all he has achieved and experienced has been as a result of God !! You would also notice his inclusion of the popular Pual play dairo quote “ Aye mi dara , mowa  dupe ” .

Bonus Tracks :

Korede treats us to some of his hits , as bonus tracks , We enjoy the famous Godwin, Romantic and his recent world banger, Do like that!!!!

This Album is a beautiful piece of work as Korede tries to create something special for his bellovers and for youths at large. While we may not have any stand out monster hits  on the new collection of songs like his GODWIN, we  have a truly brilliant album!

My personal favorites on this album would be Good time ft Bellovers , and Favorite song !!


Review by Kolade













The entertainment scene can be linked to high school, where fresh students are admitted. Long gone are the days of “le le le le” because content has come to stay. A quick run down of the new school league.

These are the ones setting a new trend,  a new pace and are re-branding the look of afro-pop.


Born Simisola Bolatito Ogunleye, this petite and beautiful woman is the true definition of small but mighty. Her voice is powerful and she is extremely talented.Whenever I see her, the images of Ariana Grande keeps coming to my head. Simi is going to be around for quite a while, this is owing to her ability to compose songs beautifully well as well as mix and master songs.

It is safe to call him a perfect gentleman. Adekunle Kosoko has become a force to reckon with in the music industry. From photoshopping to music success, we can’t forget his cover of the British Boy band, one direction’s Story of my life so soon. His ability to serenade people of all age range is amazing, not to forget his cultural prowess. With the release of his album, GOLD, he has officially succeeded in becoming one of my favourite artistes of all times.

Signed to Mavin records, Solomon Ayoleyi aka Reekado Banks is one hell of a talented young man. The next rated artist has a beautiful voice and has moves for days. Some say he sounds just like Wizkid, we say he has talent and that’s all that matters. We at vexscheworld anticipate his yet to be released album, we hope it is #standard.

Ever since music sensation Korede Bello winked in the music video, Dorobucci, there has been trouble in “ladies island”. With the release of content filled songs, not forgetting his cuteness, nice voice and a strong management team, Akorede Bello is good to go.

A new era is upon us, a rebirth has taken place. The acts of 2face plus words of 9ice have been given to one man…. Kiss Daniel. He proved the whole world who thought he was a one hit one down man wrong. His album, The new era, was warmly received by the audience and has gone on to top the charts.

The lyrical strength of Folarin Falana is not a joking sturvs. If you call him an actor, you’re not wrong,a comedian,rapper and presenter…ermm you’re still on the right track. His ability to diversify when necessary his amazing and would take him really far.

A rapper with sick flows=YCEE. After releasing Jagaban that spread like wild fire, he teamed up with Patoranking to give us condo and then gave us Omo Alhaji. You’ve got to give it up for the rookie of the year!

A man of few words, that’s how I love to describe him. Signed on to Davido’s record label, Dremo is one rapper to be on the look out for. His words are deep and his lyrics are tight, no wonder of all the covers of Desiigner’s Panda, his own cover stood out. He recently released a new single titled Ojere which has been enjoying massive airplay. Big ups Dremo Ojere !

His mother, Toyin Adewale has been killing it in the movie scene for years now. Mayorkun has decided to kill it in the music scene, talk about mother and son goals. His song “eleko” enjoyed and is still enjoying massive airplay, I won’t be surprised if he happens to be the rookie of the year in the next Headies.

We travel down to West Africa, precise location…. Ghana. We present to you the humble Mr Eazi, we can’t get enough of his song, skintight. Beautiful content and cool flows. .



One and Only By Korede Bello (The Vexscheworld Review)


Korede Bello has been blowing us away ever since he climbed up to the centre stage! He is arguably Nigeria’s fastest rising star, if you are in doubt, check out his social media numbers and compare them with his pairs!!! Now let us get down to the juicy part

This song was definitely composed as korede Bello’s wedding reception anthem! So that when he goes to wedding receptions, he has something to sell to sing to his audience! The beat of the song was top notch. And Korede Bello delivered very well too. You must love the the way he croons out Kokoro in the song. A generally  song. The producer did an awesome work  arranging and mixing this track! @donjazzy delivers on his party mixes The Gbedu is really FIRE 
Extremely dance-able track
The Down side to this production is that it is not very deep in content although he passes the cogent message of love!  Asides that , Korede bello’s One and only is a thriller!
The Video features beautiful visuals, thanks to Aje film works. It is not surprising that it has been laced with a bit of humour too, typical of korede bello and donjazzy. Remember what they did on mungo park?, well check the review via this link
Delivery – 0.8
Production – 0.9


Mungo Park by korede bello – (The Vexscheworld Review)

Mungo Park – (The Vexscheworld Review)
Korede Bello is here with another thriller he titles Mungo Park. On this one, he sings about discovering mungo park. what I found rather hilarious here was the idea of discovering “mungo park” . We know Mungo park discovered the Niger , but who discovered mungo park?? I actually thought they made a mistake with the statement until I saw the visuals released for the song. Another interesting thing about this single was the nice jab thrown at his boss Donjazzy for not tying the nuptial knot yet and still playing around with all sorts of girls. J

The Review
The song has the type of instrumentals that invites one to dance.  It also has a playful theme around it. Generally at vexscheworld we feel Korede can still offer more than we see at the table but he is definitely not resting on his oars.
In mungo park, K. Bello advices us to make up our minds and do things at the right time rather than waiting needlessly. Many of us are trying to find the perfect person , girls are trying to find mr. Right, guys are trying to find the perfect girl. I read a quote that made a lot of sense to me

           “ Instead of waiting forever for mr. Right, get Mr Left and drag him to the Right ”

Vexscheworld rating
Content : 0.7
Melody : 0.7
Delivery: 0.7
Voicing :0.6
Production :0.6
Video Review
The visuals  for mungo park are cool, it all takes place in a school setting. It can be taken for a comic video as it would definitely make a smile creep up your face If you are not hard-hearted. Lol. Good visuals . Korede bello treats us to a funny style of running and the mavin boss Don jazzy also bring his funny side to the table
Head on to youtube to catch this video
Video review rating : 3.5/5

SORRY by Justin Drew Bieber The Vexscheworld Review

SORRY by Justin Bieber
From you tube sensation to international stardom, the story of Justin drew bieber is very exciting. After the success of his previous albums and a shaky career, JB is back with a strong force (Stronger than the one in star wars) with a fourth studio album, titled PURPOSE. The 22 year old singer is signed to def Jam records.


Justin Bieber who recently started showing brave signs to prove  his critics wrong and handle his career with a lot more seriousness  after bouts of issues that challenged his responsibility ratings spread all over the internet has handed  his belieber’s another anthem. People who aren’t even proclaimed beliebers have this JAM crooning in their heads. This song has definitely earned Vexscheworld’s Planet Banger status !

When a song is titled sorry , you might conclude without listening to it that it would be a slow and draggy song . Justin Bieber’s sorry is the opposite of anything in the line of slow.
Sorry is a danceable pop song and at the same time still manages to convey the message of seeking forgiveness for a wrong doing!
The instrumentals are a beautiful blend. You can hear drums carefully quavering in the background  and then you have intermittent trumpet sounds that sends the right feeling back to the hearer. Sorry was produced by the trio of skillrex , Yektro and blood diamonds.  The Producers of this track did a wonderful job in harmonizing the sounds with Justin’s beautiful  and sonorous voice.
In sorry, Justin Bieber is asking his lover to accept his apology and hopes his apology is not too late . He admits that the fault lies with him and tells how much he misses his lover
The song is not filled with a lot of witty lyrics but its presentation is next to perfect.
Vexscheworld recently proclaimed Justin Bieber’s sorry as a Planet Banger!

Favourite part
Our favourite part has to be towards the end of the hook when Bieber says ’’I know that I let you down, is it too late to say sorry now’’. This has to be the climax of the track.
Now we know Justin’s purpose is to blow our minds and he is definitely not sorry about it
Content : 0.8
Melody : 0.8
Delivery : 0.8
Voicing : 0.9
Production : 0.9
 Overall rating : 4.2/5
Review by Abimbola Adenmosun (@misstiqueen) and Kolade Pelumi (@koladePelumi) for The Vexscheworld review Panel

Listen here

Baba Nla (a.k.a Final) Wizkid – The Vexscheworld review

Baba Nla (a.k.a Final) Wizkid
Wizkid whose latest self named album compilation(AYO) is still garnering a lot of international success decided to bless his loyal supporters with a song he labels Final. He engages the help of award winning producing duo Legendandary Beatz who are affliated with his entertainment label STAR BOY ent.
Well, we can say wizkid has done it again. He sings a song that you put off at first hear but then gradually begins to creep into your musical conscience and you soon start grooving to the song even when no radio sets are around. We at vexscheworld have termed this phenomenom  the Wizkid Syndromme
The instrumental is sort of subtle and you must commend Legendury beatz for the work on the track’s production. A good flag bearer of the afro beat tune.
The song which goes on for only about 2.40s doesn’t have any deep message. The Star boy boss is just telling the world that his Songs are final and he is a boss and I think we have got the message bro.
Vexscheworld rating
Content : 0.5
Melody : 0.7
Delivery: 0.7
Voicing :0.7
Production :0.6


Oluwa ni by Reekado Banks ( Music and Video Review) +lyrics

Vexscheworld Review (Music and Video) + Lyrics
Oluwa ni Reekado Banks

Alright, so we all remember the headies fiasco where it seemed the entire cyberspace was against Reekado banks winning the Next rated award, anyway Reekado banks has replied with an awesome JAM to tell his critics that maybe he deserves the award after all.
Oluwa ni  is a song of appreciation to God for progress so far. It seems the Mavin triplets are doing just that. Korede bello released somebody great last year , and now Reekado is here with Oluwa ni. Aunty Dija we are waiting for yours !
In Oluwa ni Reeekado banks is in a grateful mood and also a reflective one.  He reflects about the people who did not acknowledge him before he became a big act in the music industry .
You can’t ignore the fact that his music bears a similar resemblance to the music Wizkid was dishing out around this same period in the Star Boy Boss’s career.  Recall Wizzy’s Oluwa loni?  Reekado also reflects about the same things Wizkid was singing about in Oluwa loni but did Reekado do it better?  That is the question that would be answered in the coming weeks.
The production
Altims did an awesome job on that track. Reekado got it right when he he shouted GBEDU WEY DEY BURST BRAIN!!!!!
My favourite part must be when Reekado shouted GBEDU WEY DEY BURST BRAIN!!! At the beginning!
Vexscheworld rating
Content : 0.8
Melody : 0.8
Delivery: 0.8
Voicing :0.7
Production :0.8


Video review 

    The Video which was shot by Clarence Peters depicts awesome video quality production . It parades beautiful girls who I believe wouldn’t have looked any less beautiful if they wore more clothes. The video simply shows beautiful scenery and a lot of pool activity. Even though most of the time the pool was empty. Reekado is seen many times singing in an empty pool with a band. Brilliant concept, but who sings in an empty pool really?

Vexscheworld Video rating : 3.4/5 
Reviewn by @koladePelumi for the Vexscheworld Review Panel
Check out the lyrics below!!!
Gbedu wey dey burst brain
Longest!!! Who no know go know
Altims on the beat o
Who no hear must hear
Say Rekaado on this one oh eh
Where me you dey
When juice no dey to mix my gin oh eh
Where me you dey
When girls no gree to dance my disco oh eh
Where me you dey
When NEPA no gree to shine their light oh
Where me you dey
When man no sleep dey work all night
[Verse 1]
Don Jazzy sign a small boy
Small boy turn a biggie man
Small boy buy hin mama house
Small boy drive a biggie car
Blessing follow the small boy ooh eh
Where me you, yes where me you
Down in the gutter back then where me you eh
Where me you when no BMW
Now Mr. Capable eh Banky W eh
A VIP then come out
Na ma life he no get comma
A VIP then come out
Charle me i no believe man power eh
Oluwa ni, you don see Oluwa ni
Oluwa ni shebi you don see Oluwa ni
Oluwa ni shebetiri Oluwa ni
Oluwa ni shebi you don see Oluwa ni
Where me you dey
When juice no dey to mix my gin oh eh
Where me you dey
When girls no gree to dance my disco oh eh
Where me you dey
When NEPA no gree to shine their light oh
Where me you dey
When man no sleep dey work all night
[Verse 2]
All of my people don make am
All of my guys and my girls everybody don make am
Shebi na God dey bless am
Shebi na God baba God na hin just dey bless am
All of my guys dey relate
All of my guys wey dey hate all of them dey relate oh
All of the girls dem run over here
All of the guys dem run over here eh
Oluwa ni, you don see Oluwa ni
Oluwa ni shebi you don see Oluwa ni
Oluwa ni shebetiri Oluwa ni
Oluwa ni shebi you don see Oluwa ni
Where me you dey
When juice no dey to mix my gin oh eh
Where me you dey
When girls no gree to dance my disco oh eh
Where me you dey
When NEPA no gree to shine their light oh
Where me you dey
When man no sleep dey work all night
Don Jazzy sign a small boy
Small boy turn a biggie man
Small boy buy hin mama house
Small boy drive a biggie car
Blessing follow the small boy ooh eh

Ibile by Lil kesh (Music review)

Ibile Music  Review!!!
YBNL soldier Keshinro Ololadele aka Lil Kesh released a brand new tune he called ibile early in January 2016 . He definitely doesn’t waste time in trying to dominate the industry in 2016. Lil Kesh who usually graces us with tunes we can dance to decides to give us the best of both worlds on his latest single. A danceable tune and one that carries a relevant message. Exactly what we love at vexscheworld.
Ibile is a Yoruba word which can be translated to mean “Home grown” or a member of the land, better put, a true son of the land . Lil Kesh appeals to the part of the society who believe our culture is being forgotten in a quick rush to adopt what we know as  “western Civilization”. He sings the song in praise of everyone who still tries to uphold their own culture, doing things the way our fore fathers had done it.
The track is a danceable one that we believe many dance groups would be quick to adopt. A predominantly Yoruba song like most of kesh’s songs .
The track was blessed by the able hands of producers Young jonn and Pheelz
This was a commendable release from the stables of YBNL with a message for us to uphold our own culture and not trade it in the guise of Civilization
Favorite Part : 
The entire message the song passed was lovely. Anyway, what I like to refer to as the  hook of the song  was on point “won fun e leba on wa sibi, nnkan to ye ko ji owo bo” which can be translated to mean ” they Give you eba. (a meal common amidst Nigerians, usually eaten with hands) but you decided to start looking for a spoon”. I found it hilarious because many youths do it these days, even though some of us have good excuses. Generally it is safer to eat with a spoon to avoid contamination from germs on our hands .

Review by @kolade Pelumi for the VEXSCHEWORLD REVIEW PANEL
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Also, we are set to release a series to a wide range of audience soon, Keep your fingers crossed.

The release of our single, FLAMES OF LOVE (ymatazz ft kolade Pelumi) draws closer everyday 

Album Review (Stories that touch) by Falz

Falz (Stories that touch) (Halbum Review) by the way , the H is not a typo 🙂
The Bahd guy released his sophomore album on November 16 2015.  He treated us to some good music . He featured other notable musicians like Oyinkansola, Simi, Yemi Alade, shaydee, Reminisce etc. He made a commendable effort to tell a story, a story that stamps the character Falz on the Nigerian music scene. He reveals his struggle from going to law school to become the famous rapper/comedian we now know as Falz.

Tracks And Thoughts
1 KAbiyesi ft Oyinkansola
Beat was sick, Rhymes on point. I  loved when he said “Kabiyesi to wo CANVASS “  Meaning a Yoruba Traditional King that wears a Canvass which is kind of odd.  Falz delivered on this track and Oyinkansola definitely brought her Yoruba Ingenuity to  this one and made it a beauty to hear.
2 Soft Work.
Falz the bahd guy has certainly imprinted his brand on Nigeria. It has a cool message to accompany the beat too. He really comes down on his transition from Law school to become a famous Rapper and how he does not regret it . Good song. He doesn’t dull with is rap game too
3 My People
Here Falz is simply Repping Nigeria.  He dropped a couple of hot lines on here too . “ Yawa dey  for jalingo but my people still dey groove dey be dancing Alingo ”. Decent Track
4 Karishika ft Chyno , Chi gurl
Alright, Karishika was a hit before the album. Phyno definitely made the song special. Karishika is about  girls who have extra terrestrial power and a prayer not to fall into their chains. Falz also did his thing here dropping hot rhymes. “Your boy flyer than a principality”
5 Soldier ft Simi
Has been hailed as the “Headliner”of the Album. Simi melted our hearts  with her voice once again. Falz also did  justice to it by dropping some dope and catchy lines  . We hear Simi mixed the track also. She is simply a multi talented Badass!! The Rhyme pattern in this song was impressive. I  always love it when an artist rhymes and still conveys the intended message . It’s trips!!
There definitely has to be some music chemistry with Simi and Falz. The awesomeness we saw on Jamb question ricocheted and hit us like a bullet fired by a Soldier! Here Falz is a control freak Soldier trying to harass Simi into a relationship that she does not want. You just have to love the flow!
6 workaholic
Falz deals us a decent Afro beat tune. Nice track. You immediately remember a Fela Track laced with some cool rap. Falz explains here that we should all chill and try to enjoy our lives instead of trying to choke ourselves with work!
7 Soupe ft Yemi Alade and Shaydee
Decent track, Yemi Alade and shaydee brought their shares of magic to make it a decent addition to the album.
8 Clap ft Reminisce
A lucent addition to the album. Reminisce brought his Punchline Game on this one.
9 Time difference ft sess
A good track , a beautiful addition to the compilation. It talks about the struggles of engaging in a long distance relationship hence the Title Time difference!!!!!. The flow on this track is commendable
12 Celebrity Girlfriend ft Reekado Banks
Another hit track from the album. The song talks about having a celebrity girlfriend. Falz mentions and fantasizes about  popular African celebrities he would like to be his Girlfriends. Reekaado goas Outside Africa talking about Rihanna and Beyonce.
13 Chardonnay ft Poe, chyn
 Falz , Poe and chyn delivered good bars on this. It’s just serene and has flow . Cool track

This is for the street and you can feel the Fuji style infused in it. Falz dropped a Street tune here
 15Love you Pass ft Bez
A beautiful tune. Talking about a lover and sticking with her through the thick and thin . The chorus also was also top notch, what do you expect from bez. I spotted some cheesy lines, but I guess girls still love them nevertheless.

16Karishika 2 ft M.I , Show Dem camp
Falz employs the help of rappers MI, show dem camp to deal us a remix of Karishika. M.I really came out on this and flowed quite well. Show Dem camp did a great Job also. Karishika is a track where dey are warding off “Spirit Wives” from their lives.

17 EVERYBODY (Thank You!)
This Track is Nice. He just thanks everybody that has helped him so far! It is a touching story that he cooks up something to shout out to his fans and everyone that has helped him thus far!
An oldie though, but is still fresh our minds. Falz took the Nigerian Cyber space by storm with this track before and decided to make it a bonus track on including the Album.
Vexscheworld Rating!

Stories that touch. Truth be told, I expected something hilarious  or  very deep or very hilarious  and deep at the same. At least that is the vibe you get from The Title. Falz still did awesome work and tried to tell us his story the way he knows best!
rating > 3.8/5
By @koladePelumi for the Vexscheworld Review Panel



Our review team headed up to Ventura mall in Samonda Ibadan in a bid to catch The Mocking Jay 2 from The hunger games Trilogy but the time had been messed up and we were about turning back when we realised a host of people were trooping to buy  tickets to see a movie, we decided to find out what movie everyone was excited to see.  Alas! it was TAXI DRIVER (OKO ASHEWO)

In taxi driver, we have a comedy accompanied by good acting and quality recording. The actors did an awesome job by delivering well on their characters.
The language was also something that the average Nigerian can relate to. It can be seen that it is dominantly a Yoruba movie but was also patched with long conversations in broken English such that if you don’t speak Yoruba fluently, you can still follow the movie with little or no hiccups. Even though we heard they tried to make it a a predominant English ,movie. 
By the way, they dissed Ibadan guys too much in the movie.

Taxi driver stars popular acts such as Femi Jacobs, Odunlade Adekola, Ijeoma Grace Audu and a host of others. 
Taxi Driver , tells a story of the travails of a man (Adigun) who has come to lagos to take over the  taxi cab of his late father whom he had no sound relationship with. He needs to learn how to blend with the hustle and bustle of the Lagos City Life . He meets all sorts of people in the course of his new job and faces several challenges that accompanies night driving from his run ins with Armed robbers to his dealings with Kidnappers, affairs with a sex worker Laced with an atmosphere of comedy!!


How could the movie  have be Improved.
We felt the story line was not bullet proof and left too many loops untied, but apart from that it was a great movie if you want to catch a good laugh.

YMATAZZ engages the help of Kolade Pelumi in a classic Tune ##FLAMES OF LOVE## Wait on IT!!!! From the stables of VEXSCHE MUSIC!
If you loved The Kodak story, Airplanes will take you away. Watch out

No is better than yes 2 by @dottmannbricks hits your favorite blog soon